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10 December 2017 by Femke Fatale

I would like to start my blog with this: It is sad to see Girl Power is very rare! Girls.. support each other, don’t be insanely jealous, bitch behind girls’ backs, talk bullshit like a crazy woman, make shit up, ... Just don’t be a bitch... (Remember KARMA...she is REAL). Be supportive! Be motivated by other womens’ success! Don’t be a hater, get motivated! #TogetherWeRise

I just heard so much shit talk about me
All not true, .. about me sleeping around and being a bitch, ahah! It’s too funny as I am so not a sexual being! I can be.. with the right person but out of a relationship I am like a nun! Hahaha I don’t have time for this bullshit! I prefer a #dramafree life. I don’t feel bad about what they say because I know it’s all fake but I feel sad that girls are this lame. That’s why I posted that on Instagram and Facebook! I am soooooo positive towards other ladies, like Cervena Fox, Makani Terror, Shelly and Bernadette Macias! I am proud of them, not jealous! I support heir talents and power! They motivate me to keep pushing myself. I won’t talk shit about them because I love what they do.. I mean.. girls.. life is too short for drama and gossip. Let all this motivate you... see this as the daily drive to do better.

Be positive... karma exists!
If you are a bitch to people.. it will hit you back in the face... twice as hard. Or even more! Read ‘The secret’ let this lead you into positivity! Positive vibes attracts positive energy attract positive life and opportunities and people! Don’t be negative. That’s not good! Not for you, not for your life or friends. Support the talented successful ladies. Give them love not hate!!
It’s like posting a comment... if you don’t like it.. don’t react. Spread love NOT hate
Life would be so much better! But don’t be fake.. Don’t say nice things to other girls if you don’t mean it... don’t put on a mask! If you can’t think of anything nice.. shut the fuck up:) hahah! Seriously! We don’t need more hate in this world! The world is bad enough, al the terrorists, accidents, hate, racism, bullying.... make the world pretty again. Make it happen!
It will be worth it! Life will be better by being better! Believe me!!!!

XXX Femke
Header photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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