Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt80

17 December 2017 by Femke Fatale

Usually November and December are my winter sleep months! This year not. Not at all! Stayed busy, which makes me happy! It helps to fight the winter depression and weight gain, haha! So I am not complaining.

I have been working for Monster Energy.
Sampling in Luxembourg with the Monster truck and doing some deliveries with the van! My colleague and bestie Jay and I stayed 4 days in Luxembourg! Hotel life! We stayed at Legere Hotel, damn I want to live there!!! If you’re ever in Luxembourg, stay there! Badassss!!! They even had the coolest street name there in the city centre: Rue Dicks hahaha, which means, duh, Dick Street, hahah hilarioussss! Of course I had to take a selfie with that street name, hahahah!
I also hosted the Saint Brieuc Tattoo Convention! Probably my favourite convention this year! Why? Well, bad ass organisation, I got spoilt with food and Sailor Jerry (another thing, the SJ crew was there, hadn’t seen them in agessss.. was a good reunion), many visitors! I worked till 18.30 and then the Street Punk Ink Mas Party started, a hardcore punk festival with The Adicts, Madball, Agnostic Front, Skarhead,... insane weekend! Too much fun, too many Sailor Jerry ahha wait no, there can never be enough SJ ever! Met some new people, the Skarhead gang, and funny badass guys! Laughed my ass off with them! Hahaha

I also shot for Liquorbrand
The new collection with Photographer Benot Meeus, a legend! If you have ink and want badass portraits, hit him up on FB!!! Or buy his book;) it’s a quality portrait black & grey photo book! Proud to be in it with 2 pages:) front and back;) ahhaha...
Naked ... but don’t get too excited, you cant see any private parts at all hehehe! Sorry not sorry! My friend and hairdresser Nicky Van Leeuwe did the make up! She is madly skilled, that babe!
Also shot with Dirk Behlau at the Deathfield Chopper garage in Germany for Restomodair US! We had a gooood time as always! I got to use crazy fire tools, saws,... don’t ask me exactly what they were, just look at the shots ahhaha! I’m a woman; I don’t know what they are called! LOL OMG I am so stereotyping here! Haha

What else did I do?!
Hmmm I gave money to Dierenlot, as I do monthly! Only 1,85€ I give as support! So they can keep their animal ambulances running! Please check out Stichting Dierenlot ... I’m so proud of them and their amazing work for animals in need! Speaking of animals in need, my friends Ines and Bart of Rata’s Animal Shelter are also animal saviours! Heroes! Legends!! Their shelter keeps all the animals! It’s a forever home for the left behind, the neglected, and the handicapped. They are all the animals in need that no one wants:( so I would like to give a shout out here to them! Keep up the job! I love visiting you to see all the good you do and all the animals you take care of! Their living room is full of dogs and cats, all get along, all come say hi when you come in and want to hug you! It’s the best therapy against depression! Seriously! The love these rescued animals give.. insane... you can feel the love and the gratefulness! Bless them!!!! Bless animals!

We started a new season of La Machine Infernale WebTV!
We have a new intro, we doubled me ahhaha OMG yes, 2 of me... as if one wasn’t enough hahaha! And loads of prices to win on the episode, we announced a shitload of some of the best tattoo artists in the world that are gonna guest spot there! La Machine is the tattoo shop to be! Believe me!!!! Talented, down to earth, amazing people! Love u all!!!
Last but not least I was at the Ink Mania head office! Mad respect for the organizer! Shitttt he has so much epic projects coming up!! Respect to GI Jo! Yes that’s how I call him! Can’t wait for the event! Definitely be there.. Ink Mania 2018... last weekend of June (June 29- 30-july 1, Ethias Arena, Hasselt) gonna be epiccccc!!!! If you cant wait that long, check out the live stream on Dec 27 from 19.00-22.00 to get exclusive info on Ink Mania, win prices, see tattoo models, celebrities. Don’t miss out!!!

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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