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24 December 2017 by Femke Fatale

This must be underwater love... remember that song?! Well that is the first thing I thought of when I got asked to do an underwater shoot!

It was sooo cool but also very tiring!
I worked with Stijn Boussemaere and we did the shoot in the public swimming pool in Diksmuide! On Sunday afternoon it is closed so that was perfect. We shot for 2 hours, which was just enough as I started to get cold anyway! Shooting underwater isn’t that easy! You don’t have that much control over your own body in water! Hehe it is a big work out to keep certain positions, make sure your hair isn’t all over your face, you have a nice look on your face (that is hard as you try not to drown ahahha) but it was so much fun! I can’t wait to see the result...I think it is going to be fabulous, as I saw some shots on the camera screen... sikeddd!

When I am writing this blog I am getting ready for the Psychopunch show.
I will be on Friday 22 December, singing 4 songs on stage with my buddies in Vasteras, Psychopunch’s home town in Sweden! Been there once before, years ago when I visited Sweden to get inked by Jay Jay, my Captain Spaulding tattoo. Now I will be back! I hope for snow and a magical show!! I am singing in my car every time I am on the road for practice! My voice is getting better and better.. but I’ll (unfortunately) never have my own band.. ow wait.. maybe I will.. Tomy Vext and I want a rap band like Die Antword, hahaha. We already have our promo shots from the talented and legendary Tim Tronckoe.

Yesss, I went to see Five Finger Death Punch.
It is one of my mom’s favourite bands! They played with In Flames (damn I love that band, what a good performance, the stage looked bad ass with all the screens, lights,.. impressive ) and Of Mice&Men in Antwerp. Bad ass evening! Got to meet Mr. Vext there and have a reunion with my bff Tim Tronckoe! So happy to see Tim and his twin Nick. Always laughing our asses off together ahha! You got to adore the Tronckoe twins! So back to the band, maybe some day ahahha! But for now I am a guest singer with Psychopunch! Thanks to them I sang onstage at With Full Force fest, Summer breeze (first ever show I did!) and we did a small German tour! Damn I love these guys, all of them! We have the best times together; it is like a little family!

Cant wait for more adventures ... bring on 2018!!!

Happy holidays to you all!

XXX Femke
Header photo by Tim Tronckoe 

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