Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt82

21 January 2018 by Femke Fatale

Yes, I’m back on track with the blogging.

I can be such a lazy ass! Sorry!

I have been keeping busy with preparing for my Monster Energy work as a representative! I will be doing this job for a month or so! Just until we have new representatives! It is so different than my promo work with them! But I’m happy to have a challenge now! For a few weeks, maybe more! Let’s see how that goes! I’ll be on the road a lot! Road trips!

Also back from the Toulouse Tattoo Convention!
Damn so many visitors! Never seen so many people during the tattoo contests!! It was awesome! Got many compliments on my accent while speaking French ahha! I cannot hide my Flemish roots! Haha! I love the Frenchies, they are sooo friendly and open! People always nag about the French, not me! Never!!! I love them! I had the honour to announce the band Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons.. and yes I mean that Phil.. the guitarist of the legendary rock ‘n’ roll band Motörhead!!! I hadn’t heard the band before and WOW.. they totally blew me away!!! What a voice, what a sound, what an atmosphere.... HELL YEAH!! I’m a fan now! They are playing in Belgium in March; I’ll so be there!

I’m home now with a big lip.
I have ‘koortsblaasjes’ noooo! I am so sensitive to this haha. I hate it, had it ever since I was young! I have collected now 10 small ones! My lip is like an island ahha! Seriously... annoying and disgusting! And NO I didn’t get it the ‘fun‘ way! I always get it when I’m exhausted! I’m not so tired haha but my body seems to be without me knowing ahha goddamn!

Up next is the Monaco Tattoo Convention
Stokeddd!:) Never been there.. Let's experience and see the jet set life from up close! Bring on the helicopters hahah.

XXX Femke
Header Photo By Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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