Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt83

28 January 2018 by Femke Fatale

Zombie Fatale is back.

What a week I had!
First I had a shoot for Flair magazine at my house. The photographer came Friday morning with his movable studio! He set up, cool dude, like super fast! We made the pix, again very fast and I was very happy with the results! Such nice lightning and composition! I could totally tell he is a very talented and experienced man! (I’m talking about his job hahaha) I think it will be in Flair on Tuesday! Not sure though! It is about ink and also lasering. Check it out if you can!

After that I drove to Monaco to host the tattoo convention there
The very first ever, ever, ever, there! What an honour! And in Monaco... wowza! Paradise city! Too bad I’m broke ahhaha! I drove 11 hours with my bestie Jacob. We had such a good time! But time did not fly by ahha it felt like we drove 2000 hours instead ahha! We didn’t see the time become less, like time stayed still while having fun ahhaha! But we arrived at night & checked into the hotel, slept like babies. Early wakeup to leave for the convention, Jacob drove while I did my make-up in the car haha! I’m so used to it now! Natural night, saving time! And NO, I never do that while driving! I don’t wanna die or kill someone! We had troubles finding the place! Monaco is a rich place, its own network, but the 4g sucks! So our gps.. woops! (And no posting pix during the day but we were even more social so that’s good. Leave your phone off sometimes.. believe me, you’ll meet very interesting people and have more fun than living life through a camera or phone.) We saw the whole of Monaco haha tourist style! The weather was amazing! Summer time! We arrived in our winter jackets but it was T-shirt time! Amen to that.

The convention was so cool!
So many people for an area where there is barely tattooed people and only 1 shop aka Dixieme art tattoo studio! We met the owners, total babes and sweethearts! Can’t wait to see these ladies again when I go to Nice for the convention in March/April! I also met the coolest tattooed grandpa dude ever! Legend!!!! Was such a nice guy!!!! Adore him! 74 I think he was. I wanna be like him when I’m old! Cool inked & badass and grey:) hope I will still be hosting then.
Also saw many new friends again that I met in Toulouse, the convention I hosted the week before! My crush was there too (as also in Toulouse) and we hung out and went to discover Monaco at night with jay! We had such a pleasant eve. We saw the ‘backstage’ of the circus! Weird animals are still allowed there. They had 2 Bengal and 2 Siberian tigers, giraffes, elephants, alpacas, zebras etc.! We checked how they treated them! Quite good but you never know what happens behind closed doors! It was so sad to see but also enjoyed hearing the tigers and see the animals! I wanted to steal them all and bring them to South Africa! And funny stuff, our new friend and also my new crush (haha) had more looks and attention than the animals, ehheh he is even more inked than me. I was so relieved no one noticed me anymore. Finally!!! I loved this!!!! I felt normal for a while. LOL Also have new assignments! Frenchies, like my hosting skills and my accent, the little Belgian accent, hahahah! I cant wait... new work in South of France, where the sun usually always shines! Jay and I will have more exciting trips ahead of us! I couldn’t do it without him. He is my ride or die, my rock! With him around I feel better, more self confident and happy! We are like bro and sis! Partners in crime! Besties for life! Girls, he is still single... go for it! He is such a sweetie! Not an ass like most guys! Believe me! U’d be the happiest and luckiest girl alive. Was cool to see my face all over Monaco at bus stops and in the street life. And photos in the newspapers ahha crazy! Unbelievable! We also discovered there is ‘ubercopter’ there! 300€ to helicopter hahahha from place to place! Next year we are so trying that ahha! Only in Monaco ahhahaha! Epic! The weekend flew by!!! It was a memorable convention, in the sun!!! I want to go back! Jet set life.. I could get used to it! Again, too bad I’m ‘broke’

Then after the convention I drove 9 hour to Belgium.
And Jay drove the last 2 hours, slept for 3 hours and went to Monster Energy head quarters! Work called!!!! Ahhaha we went to Antwerp for the Patser Movie Premiere at Kinepolis! We put up the DJ booth, the tents, fridges and the Monster drinks we had to sample! I never worked that much on one day! We did the work of 4 with 2! Crazy but we did it. We had fun and I want to so this again!! What an evening...badass patser cars, fire music and movies! Perfect! We met the actors and crew, fab people! And talented as fuck! Damn proud to be Belgian! We didn’t see the movie as we were working! But we saw all the backstage stuff, the actors, and the total event! Even better right?!?!! The movie... I can go see that any day;) Laurens and I were real patsers! There was a dress code! Bling training suit bomber jacket, sneakers,... like a patser hahah (which is also the movie title.) Was home at 4.00, washed my hair (while sleeping in the shower! Haha eyes closed!) and slept for 3 hours or maybe even only 2. Back to work! Road trip for Monster To Bastogne. Easy! So my last day was not crazy! Phew! I survived all my days, very easily! Never thought that I could have done it! Really. I am stronger than I think & maybe the guy in my mind helped me! We talk all the time! He is so fun and cute and sweet and nice! Yeah... blushhhhh :)

Andddd BTW: ! No rest for the wicked!
No pain no glory!!!!! Yeah baby. Last night I slept 10 hours in my own bed! Wauw! Feel less zombie now ahhahah! But I wouldn’t wanna change my life! So glad and so grateful, I feel blessed! Said this before but I will always respect this, as its true!!!!! And happy I met someone special! Haven’t felt this way in ages... we will see. He is gonna come see me soon! What will the future bring?! No idea! No expectations! I’m living one day at a time and enjoying life at the fullest! Best way to live!!! Don’t live too fast! Don’t forget to stand still to enjoy it & realize you’re being lucky to be alive, healthy and more! We all have out past and our problems, but keep it up! Positive vibe! Positive energy! It brings out the best in you and your life.  And own a cat or more ahhaha! Always a plus in life!!!

XXX Femke

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