Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt84

04 February 2018 by Femke Fatale

Whenever I think life will slow down, there are new opportunities! And I am totally NOT complaining! After my crazy adventures in the previous blog , I kept kicking ass. Haha!

I’m actually having to think hard what I did next hahah ... I worked for Monster again 2 days! Once at the Persistence Tour and once at Fast and the Furious, a car event! The Persistence Tour was my fave, Madball, Terror and Hatebreed played! Some of my fave bands! Always bad ass live!!! Perfection! Energy! Positive vibes! All you need, you get at a hardcore show. We had to do an exit sampling, so give all the hardcore kids and people a Monster Energy when they left! We were out of drinks so fast! It was sold out! First time I ever know this tour to be sold out here in Belgium, if I am not mistaken. Saw so many old friends there! Like hc kids from back in the days... that scene is a real family! Gotta live going there! So true! So real!

I also went back to La Machine Infernale to film the next webisode of the LMI WebTV. I missed it! We didn't film since mid Dec! I love that shop, my fave one... the interior is soooo nice!! And the people so talented and down to earth. I always leave the shop with a smile on my face!!!!! Thanks Billy and Sanna & the whole crew !!
Jo from Ink Mania came to visit us there while filming! He was in the neighbourhood for business and the Lille Tattoo Convention! We laughed our asses off as usual! Haha he is crazy! And my mom had the biggest crush on him ahahh! I send her a selfie of us.. she melted by looking at Jo ahahh. I laugh at him for this, telling him he will be my dad soon ahahhahahahahha!! Lol
We went for dinner with Danny and had a good business talk and funtimes of course.
After that I went home, slept and cuddles with Bonnie ahha! My baby! Clyde is the cat that likes to be around but on a distance! He is a real man cat ahhah! Independent but cute! Sweet when he wants to!! And when he is hungry ahha but I love him anywayz! At night he loves to cuddle! Only then ! During the day I gotta stalk him to get a hug ahha but when he cuddles he is super cuddly and purrs so loud its crazy how loud he can purr hahz! Legend.

Off to Holland now for a business meeting and tonight the MIA’s, the music industry awards with the Ink Mania Crew! Never been! Stoked! Amen Ra is nominated a few times! Hope they win!!! They r a bad ass doom band from Gent, Belgium, check them out!!!!!! Amazing live as well, Colin the singer once got suspended while singing! And they play in old churches!! Coolest Belgian band! Ever! Believe me.

XXX Femke

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