Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt85

11 February 2018 by Femke Fatale

Can I have a holiday in the sun?! Now! Please haha.. need it. I’m so tired, life is too good. Work is too good. I am at my best now I think! So happy but exhausted! My excitement and my Monster Energy help me go on and on! And my precious sleep of course!

I have been working for Monster Energy as a sales (replace the sales representatives till some new ones are hired)!
It is fun, even though I would not want to do this full time! But for a month or 2 I am happy to work as a sales! Being on the road with the van, visiting customers, getting drinks & food everywhere ahha ...epic! Been to Limburg & Liege this week! Next week I will go to Luxembourg for 2 days! Siked. I LOVE Luxembourg! Hope Monster will give me a hotel room in Marc Schwamberger’s Legere Hotel in Lux! What a hotel and what a service! I owe this guy, who is the manager, my hosting job at The Storm Tattoo Convention. Woohoo! Don’t know the Storm?! It is a bad ass convention in Lux city! Come check it out, I'll be hosting with fire!!!!

@MIA 2018

I also worked with Monster Energy as a MAT (with the bad ass Chevy Monster truck) at The Word Alive concert!
They are a Monster band so was awesome to do the exit sampling; people are so glad to see us and the drinks, mostly welcome after a big show! And also... most of them have a big roadtrip home ahead of them, or a big day the next day ! So perfect combination:) I got to see the band (wow great show, very interactive with fans. I posted pix & videos on my Insta.. check it out) and also Falling In Reverse. We missed the first band, heard they were good though. Funny story how I met Tony from The Word Alive. I was at Summer Breeze at the hotel with Psychopunch! I was gonna sing 4 songs with them on stage the next day! I thought my buddies yelled at me on the balcony so I went to my balcony to check... apparently it wasn't them ahha it was Tony! He was in the room below me! So we talked and had a good chat haha! Been in contact since then and when my boss Kenny asked me to sample at the show I was siked : Seeing Tony again, meet the others, give people monster presents haha. Perfect night!!
I met Ronnie Radke there! Honestly I dont know anything of his past, I heard some shit here and there. But I never care about shit talk, so we met and he is such a cool dude, respectful, funny and a big music lover! He introduced me to The Midnight.. damn what a band! Was a cool hangout!! Props to Mr Radke for being a fab dude! Never judge a book by its cover btw! He wasn't like everyone told me he was!

I am now currently at the gym!
Working out! Well doing my office cardio... I am on the bike while writing this blog, haha!
I need to stay in shape:) so after this I'll go the East Flanders Tattoo Convention in Belgium! I'll be there as a judge for the tattoo contest AND my first day as a Balm Tattoo Ambassador, the Belgian one (Flemish part) so I'm nervous but also very curious! I’ll be selling the products (vegan friendly, not tested on animals and there is also a 100% vegan formula) to the artists and shops in the Flemish part of Belgium. So ... if you are interested .. get in touch with me on femke@balmtattoobenelux.nl.

@Balm Tattoo

I went to the MIA’s with my Ink Mania family, for the first time ever..
MIA’s is the Belgian Music Industry Awards. It was such a fantastic show, the gigs, the lightning, the atmosphere,.. we watched the show from a very nice place! We saw it all up close! Afterwards we hung out and met some people. I even got to hold a MIA and pretended it was mine! Too bad the winner wanted it back ahahah;) LOL! Also saw Colin from Amen Ra, nominated with his band for 2 or was it 3 MIA’s. They didn't win but so deserved it! What a band! So proud of them and what they achieved! Never heard of them or seen them live??? You are missing out.. seriously! My fave Belgian band, without a doubt! Haven't seen them live in years, as my life is too hectic but I need to change that. But I see their videos online! At one show Colin, the singer was suspended while performing! Isn't he a legend?!?! Wanna see?! Videos are all over internet!!! Impressive!

We talked and both of us was so proud of the other’s achievements! So cool! Common respect and love! We go way back so we knew each other from before the ‘success’. Also saw the ’Patser‘ guys back, remember from the movie premiere a week ago with Monster Energy! These guys are so positive and happy! Like it! Just like me.. loving life and living it for a 100%! My kind of people! Always a good time with them... this is kind of my highlights of last week..I want to write more but I bet you already fell asleep in the middle of my blog ahhahaha!

Talk to u in a week! Big hug and kiss.

XXX Femke

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