Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt86

18 February 2018 by Femke Fatale

Road trips are one of my favourite things to do... unless snow gets involved!

I was on the road for Monster Energy and I got stuck in the snow in Marcinelle ahah.
I drove down a road, very steep down for a bit, then flat and then steep up... I couldn’t get a grip to get back up. Noooo. Tried backwards, tried both sides, not getting there! So I called my boss and he advised me to wait. So I waited, more people got stuck, time flew by, even more people got stuck ahha. And I was moving a lot not to get cold, talking to the others who were stuck and drank Monster ahha! The view was amazing so it wasn’t that bad. So by 10.00 the city workers came to help us out! And it worked! Hooray! I was soooo grateful!:)

The rest of my trip I was very cautious, I didn’t drive on icy crazy snowed in roads! So I was fine! I was in the French part of Belgium on day one. The country was sooo beautiful; it was a nice day for a white wedding! Ahha! I spend the night in a bad ass hotel in Spa, I was the only guest olaaa.. and the receptionist told me she upgraded me to a room with living room, huge bedroom, bathroom and hallway! Amazinggg! I took a HexBomb bath and I loved it! You should check out Hexbomb and try one. I stayed in the bath for a longg time, had my dinner in there ahha! I slept so good, best bed ever and such a good pillow. I was all alone in the hotel as the receptionist left, it was soooo awesome. What a hotel! More like a mansion!!!!! I wanna go back there to have some sleep- chill - recharge my batteries days! I was so sad I had to leave!!!! Wanted to stay.. forever!!! The next day I worked in Luxemburg and it was sunny and nice! Total opposite of the snowy Belgium eheh! Until the eve, when I was back in Belgium and the snow and traffic was soooo insane.... took me ages to be back at the headquarters! Aahhh!!!

On Friday my bff and I went to the Urban Tattoo show in Decazeville, France.
Crazy trip! Snow again. Snow keeps hunting me omg!!! Roads were not too bad until 20.00. It was snowstorm craziness on the road! So scary!! You couldn’t see the road or far ahead of you!! Insane! But we made it. I must admit I have never been so scared in the car.. ever... never wanna be in that situation again but the good side: I slept sooooo gooooood!:)
The convention was so much fun!!! I was part of Fat Greggs stunt show with a Harley bike, hosted the convention contest and presented acts, met so many amazing people andddd I got presents.. always a plus ahhah.. A 3d lamp and a sign... so cooool! It was so nice to feel appreciated! Damien and his crew did a badass job! I hope I get to go back next year!!! Oh yeah! My French keeps getting better and better! The DJs at the event were the best!!! They played old skool hip hop, rock, metal... a mix of it all and at the end of the days they played dance music haha Jacob Lambotman and I went crazy on it! Dance partyyyy!

Back home now, after another Monster day. Now its time to chill.... Netflix and cuddle my cats!! Tomorrow I got a badass shoot! Sikedddddd!

XXX Femke
Header photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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