Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt88

04 March 2018 by Femke Fatale


I had the honour to collaborate with Dirk Behlau for my promo fire teaser.
So happy with the result, Dirk `The Pixeleye’ is bad asss. The video is even better than I thought it would be. We shot it on Monday and it was a lot of fun! Loads of laughter and a little seriousness, heh. I can’t wait to do more fire shows... I will never be as good and Ceazy as Pyrohex and Fuel Girls but that’s not my intention, I wanna have fun and kick ass. I love doing the fire stuff, it’s hot dangerous and adventurous! All I like! I have done fire shows at trance parties, it is epic! I never dance so I put my dancing shoes on and just go crazy on dance music, as a metal head. At first its weird cuz I don’t like the music and don’t know how to move on it.. but I just let go of my boundaries and insecurities and go wild ahha!! It works! I love that scene! People are so nice crazy and full of life!


We have a new Monster truck
Mister Fat Tony.... he is soooo fabulous.... it’s a Ford now; our old truck was a Chevy. And it has lights and drives so sweet. I’m in love! He is a beasttttt. Hahahha!!! Loved driving him last week on our sampling days! Yess we are back on the road. We have a new taste out, the pipeline! I am already addicted! Pink can, pineapple/apple/passion fruit taste...mmm Fatale loves it!!!! You can never go wrong with a fruit mix taste.


Snow is back in Belgium! Noooool:( wanted to go to Germany today but it’s too dangerous on the roads! Goddamn!! I’ll wait and see if it gets easier... if it does.. I’m off! If not I have my first day off in months:) yayyyy ahahha win-win:))

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau

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