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11 March 2018 by Femke Fatale

Losing a cat is never easy! It is like saying goodbye to your home boy/best friend!

My cat Rostje was quite old and a stray!
He never has been touched by us! He didn’t trust people but he did like being talked to and being close, but not too close, to you! He liked company and conversations…. from a distance! He was blind and lately he didn’t find his little house, as you remember we bought him a doggy house and he lived it. I was working for Monster Energy when my mom called to say she thinks he has to be put down! I cried so much! My babe. But I accepted it! He goes before me! It is all about how he is/feels. He doesn’t have to suffer for us to keep him. The vet couldn’t come before the next morning so I was glad I could see him and spend some time with him! I slept so badly that night as I knew what was going to happen next....

The next morning I caught him.
For the first time I held him and put him in a cage the vet gave me! She came by and gave him an injection while I talked to him.. and cried.. a lot!! He died immediately! He was done with life, I guess, no struggle.... and I could stroke him for the first time! So soft!! Such a pretty kitty.... if he would have trusted us he would have been an amazingly handsome inside cat! Instead he lived in the garage and outside in his little dog house, which I pimped for him! He had a good palace, nice little blankets and bed, food, drinks,... he was spoiled. As spoiled as he could have been, for a stray! I miss him but it is for the best! It is so weird now, no Rostje outside, no Rostje in his house,... only Bonnie & Clyde, my 3 year old cats! The newbies! So all my stray cats are gone now.. had 3! 2 bros and a sister! All together now again! Reunion in cat heaven! Bless them.

I wanted to adopt a new baby!
As my hairdresser found a cat that was hit by a car! She brought it to the vet! It had been badly hit! And they were going to bring it to the shelter, after taking care of it! No owner came to claim it. I said I’d take it! I saw it and OMG so sad! Could barely move, had a really injured eye.. I could see it in front of me…. Pirate cat with a wheelchair. I was into it!! But the owner showed up after all and now its back... back home.. which is better. So people.. please adopt.. and don’t shop!!!
I only have stray cats! Bonnie & Clyde are also strays! But taken in at a very young age so they are home cats now!! So many cats need our help.... do something! I know fancy expensive cats are pretty but.... so many homeless cats out there. You can make a change. Help. Adopt. Save a life. Make a difference!

XXX Femke


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