Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt32

29 October 2016 by Femke Fatale

Sometimes you meet someone and you instantly realize this might be the one for you! I recently met a guy I really, really, really like! At first I thought he didn't like me at all! Haha until my friend Rachel told me he probably does! She was right! It's crazy how you can feel so connected with someone! Like you have met years ago, but actually just met. We have spent a few days together and it was heaven! Very intense, very real! Too bad he doesn't live nearby! I miss him every day! But we talk all the time! Aah how I miss him!

Besides that, I have had a great week! On Saturday I worked with Sea Shepherd Belgium at the international boat show in Nieuwpoort! Always a good time! I love to volunteer for them and promote them to everyone! What a great organisation!
Sunday was stunt day! My friend Mark a.k.a. Wortel is a bike stunter and we decided to work together and do shows! Wow! It was so much fun! It was like so easy! We did loads of different stunts and it works so well! We are a good team! We are golden hahah! Too bad the weather is gonna be worse from now on, so in April we are going to practise more! Yeah!!

Then on Monday I got tattooed by Jethro Bijlaart! He works in Bergen op Zoom at Kings Ink! He tattooed my elbow! A skull octopus with a cap with BAD on it! Yes the way it's written on the MJ album BAD! I'm a big fan!! When I was young, I listened to his music all the time. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected! Phew! Jethro tattoos very gently! Phew! Lucky me! So happy with the result, so now I want him to finish my sleeve!!! He rocks!!

Not BAD, isn't it?

On Tuesday and Wednesday I worked for Monster Energy to promote the Call of Duty new game! Was fun to be on the road, totally different than the usual Monster work I do! But also fun! I cruised around Antwerp and Bruges/Ostend with the Monster van! Drinking the new Ultra Citron, mmm so nice! Zero calories, zero sugar:) mmmm too bad this one won't be released in Belgium :((( damn!!

Today I am on my way to Düsseldorf to film a video with Psychopunch! Dirk Behlau a.k.a. The Pixeleye is filming it and we will have the Delorean in it! Yesss so we meet again!!:) hahah and after that we go on a little German tour! Gonna sing 2 songs with them on stage again! Germany... here I come :)

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Sarina Mannaert (Beauty & Photography) 

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