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05 November 2016 by Femke Fatale

Last week was amazing!!! I was touring with Psychopunch in Germany.

(Photo credit: Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau)

We started the little tour on Thursday in Düsseldorf for the video shoot of the song ,,So High’’ with Dirk Behlau a.k.a. The Pixeleye!
I can’t wait to see the video! I can’t tell too much about it… only that it was so hard for me not to laugh...hahaha. It will be a funny video! OMG … hilarious, you will love it! I promise you! Maybe even pee your pants ahhaha!
We shot it in 2 hours! Time flies by when you're having fun! Then we went for dinner with Dirk, his wife, his son Q and Jessie's mom. We had pizza, the biggest pizza I ever had! It didn’t even fit on the plate hahaa! I finished half of it, damn it was huge but sooooo yummie!! And of course great company always makes it even better!
Good times! We hung out at Dirk & Jessie's place till early in the morning! Drinking and having fun! I love these people!!!

(Photo credit: Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau)

Next day we all slept long and then got ready for the first show in Düsseldorf at Pitcher! Before we left, I shot for Rock Drinks with the Marilyn Manson drink 'Mansinth'! So cool, Schmierkie Dirkie (his nickname) is such a talented photographer/video maker! So proud to be able to work with him and be such good friends!
After that we went to Pitcher. What a cool rock bar/venue! Small and cosy! The show was awesome! Had so much fun rocking with the guys. After the show we all hangout and danced and kicked ass! (We = Jessie, Dirk, Psychopunch, me, some Swedish friends of Psychopunch, Clare von Stitch and her hubby). We did dance offs! Ahhaha all standing in a circle and one person dances in the middle ahhaha what an amazing night!! Haven’t had this much fun in ages! Laughed my ass off and I have met so many new friends! We went to bed quite late and woke up early to leave for Hamburg! It was a longgg drive, not that the distance was so far no... if you have been in Germany, you know about all the roadwork and traffic jams.. funnnn..NOT!! Hmmmm.

We arrived at this cool venue; we hung out and then did soundcheck, worst soundcheck ever! Damn! There was echo in the monitors etc.! Thank god the show was good! Phew! I was very bummed at first cuz of the sound check! And also had difficulties with my voice! I had a bad cold and couldn’t sing like I used to! Argh! Frustrating! But the show went well! And thanks to my babe for cheering me up! (Yes I’ m still in love) Jarmo, the singer and I kept doing the dances we did at the video shoot and on Friday eve! (Well the dance off was a stupid/crazy dance off.. hahaha dancing like idiots.. it’s good cuz I can’t dance so I only dance silly  to hide that fact ahha) so much fun!!

Ahhahah!! Yay! After the show I slept at Marit, our tourmanager's place and the guys had a band apartment! I didn’t go out that night as I wanted to take care of my voice! And I slept like a baby!!! Had the best shower in the morning... damn! Marit's apartment is the bomb! And then Marit and I picked up the guys at the apartment and we left for Rostock! Rostock is rad!!! The venue was at the harbour, so pretty! Damn! And the venue was sooo cool!! We played at a Halloween Party with TXL (our support) and Demented Are Go (never seen them so I was stoked) so the whole venue was decorated in Halloween style! Amazing!!! I was sooooo impressed!!! The guys of Demented Are Go are such cool dudes! And talented as well! What a show!! They do their own bloody makeup! So after their show the drummer did my make up! I looked awesome! Bloodyyyyy and full of scars!! I surprised Psychopunch by coming onstage like that ahhaha! It was sooo much fun again! Great show, great audience, great vibes!

Last show... I was sad but happy because it was so good! The next day we drove back to Hamburg and the guys flew home to Sweden! I stayed at an amazing hotel at the airport and just chilled! The room was wowza... a huge bath, fabulous bed, ... I had he best relaxing time there and flew back home the next day! Great tour!!! I can't wait for next time!!!! We all get along so well! Never a dull moment with Psychopunch! I love them so much!!!! Thank u so much for giving me this marvellous chance! I feel blessed.

XXX Femke
Header Photo by: Cristian Dobre 

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