Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt34

13 November 2016 by Femke Fatale

What a life! I can't even remember what I have done the last few days! As I am writing this I am at the Brussels Tattoo Convention, working for Ink Mania! Promo, promo, promo! What a tough weekend. :)

(Photo by Marcos Diaz Garcia)

I was thinking about the past and how far I have come now! I remember people telling me I wasn't pretty enough, special enough... blah blah blah! Haters always seem to have the opposite effect right!!?? They motivate you! I am happy I never gave up and just went for what I believe in! I mean… it is my life, I do what I want and fuck you :) People are always jealous and negative! So I hope all my readers who have been through stuff like this can see me as an example. You don't have to be perfect, look flawless and be fake to get somewhere. Keep following your dreams and fight for what you want! Never give up, never give in!!! YOLO!

My own 3D Femke Doll

I do everything I ever wanted... I sing with Psychopunch, I do motostunts with Mark a.k..a Wortel, I have a 3D doll, I work for Monster Energy, I host tattoo events & metal festivals. Not bad for someone who always heard she wasn't good enough!! Believe me.... you can do it too.
Stay true like Deez Nuts say! Keep it real! You are worth it, you just have to believe it yourself.

XXX Femke
Head photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau.


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