Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt35

20 November 2016 by Femke Fatale

Last weekend I was at the Brussels Tattoo Convention with Ink Mania! I had to do some promotion work for them, 3 days of fun and hangouts! Hotel life, I can get used to that haha!

Ink Mania
is a new tattoo convention in Hasselt! First edition will be 23-24-25 June 2017 in the Ethias Arena! Can't wait! It is gonna be amazing! I will be hosting the event with some special guests! And I can tell you they are HOT and inked! And of the male gender. :) I will also premiere my stunt show with Mark a.k.a. Wortel! Believe me, it is gonna be kickass cool! So stoked for it!!! Aahhh first show... countdown to June. Hope I will survive :) ahha

Besides that I will also do the piercing show with Circus of Madness. A full show with fire, pole dancers, piercings and beautiful girls :) We will make this one of our best shows ever, as we usually can't do the full show due to fire hazard at venues! But in June… be prepared to be amazed! And Ink Mania isn’t only about me of course haha we also have amazing tattoo artists from Belgium, Europe and beyond! I hope to get tattooed there as well! Need new ink ahahha!!!! Whoa :)

And seeing the line-up of artists... I’m already feeling the need to book an appointment hehe! We have a few cool special guests like Yallzee from Puerto Rico, judge and tattoo collector. And also Rene Van Assema and more! We will also offer amazing entertainment and live music! I’m stoked to tell you my friends Rachel and Charlie will be doing their knife throwing show, a.k.a. Death Do Us Part Show!! I saw them in Bucharest and even was a part of their show! So stoked to see them again and their crazy show! Who throws knives and axes at his wife?!?! #relationshipgoals hahaha! But I can’t tell you everything yet. Wait and see!!! Come and find out in June!!! It will be RAD! In the meantime, you should all get inked at Skin City Tattoo shop in Beringen, the organizers of the tattoo convention! Amazing shop! They have the greatest tattoo artists from Russia! Whoa!! Impressive artwork! I saw them at the IBTC and was so impressed!!

Back to the Brussels Convention... I forgot to tell you I got the coolest present from Frank The Butcher! A drawing of papa Ghost!! Yeahh! You know Ghost?? Amazing band!! Check them out! Hellyeah! Frank gave me the number 2 of 5 copies! Siked!!

And I was also in the Globe of Death haha! Crazy bowl where motor riders drive in! I was in the bowl while Vesko drove around me! My friend Dirk Behlau made some cool shots from it!!! To be honest, it’s a bit scary! But soooo much fun! I’d totally do it again! Hahahah And of course my sponsor Painful Clothing was there too!!! Always fun to see friends, and thanks for the new shorts Paul!! U rock!!!

XXX Femke

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