Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt36

27 November 2016 by Femke Fatale

Awesome Monster weekend! The last one of the year and it was a blast!

Jay Raw, my favourite colleague, and I we kicked ass, as usual haha! We always have the best time together! Making crazy videos like #boobhunking and #squatingwhileworking! Crazy times!
This time we had to work at the International Motor Show in Luxembourg! Loads of old custom cars and new crazy ass racecars... and a lot of visitors brought their cute dogs! Highlight for Fatale! Haha!
We sampled the visitors leaving the event and also 3 times a day Fred Crosset and his Trial Circus did a crazy stunt show inside and we sampled the audience after the show! I was part of their show on Sunday! Crazyyyy!!!! I have done it before with Fred so I knew what I was in for... well kind of hahah! Usually I just do stunts with motorbikes and now, as Fred had a little injury last weekend during the Lille show, he had a moto stunt guy and a bicycle stunt guy (3 x World champ yeah)! So the motor stunt show was as I expected... the bicycle.. wtf!!! The guy made me sit on my ass hahaha and jumped over my head! Whattt!!! So crazy!!! I was like: WTF!!! Insane! Impressive! At first you think 'yea yeah a bicycle whatever', but this guy proved me wrong!!!!!!! Fucking hell.

We also met our drifter! 21 year old crazy mofo :) if you wanna check him out.. Rick Van Goethem is his name!!! Radddd! So young… Impressive! Keep an eye out on that guy! He will go places, I am very sure!
Two days of cars, stunts, Chevy trucking & Monster Energy! And of course the hotel life again! I love it... good breakfast! Nice bed and being spoilt haha! Aint life grand?!

On to the next adventure... Italy with my BFF Tim Tronckoe! Sikeddd.... Can’t wait to tell you all about that 5 day trip!

XXX Femke
Header photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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