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01 January 2017 by Femke Fatale

The end of the year, winter, holidays... it has never been my thing! For me it is the most difficult time of the year! Not a lot of work, too much time to think, depression time!

(Photo by Cristian Dobre)

That’s when it hits me the most; I have had an amazing year!
Dealt with that depression that followed me throughout my life! I have been so strong and good, which makes me proud and happy! I felt so alive! Before I felt like I was living on autopilot, this year I took control of my life again! This year was totally the best year of my life! Really... personally and professionally!! I could not have wished more. Got so many plans for 2017! Siked! But that depression... argh... it's a struggle! I was only dreading December, as its always the worst for me! And it was/is like this again! Been feeling down and sad like nothing and no one matters and I don’t matter. It's the best time for me to travel and get away! I should have done that but I lacked the finances! Unfortunately... so I’m trying to sleep as much through December and my feelings haha! Netflix, snacks and naps.... amen to that! I freak out a bit about everything and I also fucked up the love thing! Long story but for people who suffer from depression know that you get really sensitive and do stupid stuff! I guess I am not made for relationships, I seem to function best on my own, so when I fuckup I only make it difficult for myself :) I am super busy during the year so then it's all good but in December I feel super lonely. So I avoid sappy love movies... watching OA on Netflix, Family Guy,...!

(Photo by Pierre-olivier / PoHarp Photographie)

So for everyone with depressions.... keep your head up & hang in there!! We can do this!

Happy holidays everyone❣❣❣

Bring on 2017!

I am super stoked!!! So many plans, events, tattoos coming up!!! I am ready!!!

XXX Femke

Header photo by Tim Tronckoe 

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