17 December 2016 by HBLS team

:: HYRAW CLOTHING ::: FALL/WINTER COLLECTION 2016 : `DEAD OR ALIVE' The theme of the new Fall/Winter collection 2016 is `Dead or Alive' and Hyraw came up with some incredible designs. The collection contains graphic tees, shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, hooded zip and graphic tanks, both for men and women! Also cool accessories are available, like caps, belts, wallets and beanies and even backpacks and socks!

HYRAW is a French clothing brand, driven by deep beliefs, authentic state of mind, mixing graphic aesthetics and originality. Inspired by the artistic movements of the tattoo, metal music and powered by the vibrations of extreme sports, HYRAW is a dedicated brand, close to alternative way; reciprocating away from common stereotypes.

Get inspired and make sure you check out HYRAW.COM for their latest men and women collection and SALE!

Swallow Jacket

L: Dead Or Alive Scoop Neck Tee - R: Madone Flowy Tank

Flashing Long Sleeves

L: Mandala Bat Tee - R: Passanger Bat Tee

Neotrad Raglan

Not Alone Jacket

L: Skullz Bat Tee - R: Versus Long Sleeves

Candle Flowy Tank

Dead Girl Jacket

Dead Owl Scoop Neck

Flowers Hooded Zip

Black Owl Hooded Zip

Hyraw Back Pack 3

Beanie and socks

Model: Liselotte `Lilo' Hegt
Photographer: Conny van den Heuvel
Follow Hyraw on Facebook and visit the Website.

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