Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt38

08 January 2017 by Femke Fatale

You guys and girls know JP Mottin from Grizzly Ink? He is this very talented tattoo artist from Liege, here in Belgium. He is an award winning artist, he won `Best Of Sunday’ and `Best of Weekend’ at Mondial de Tatouage in Paris, where soooo many amazing artists work every edition.

I always wanted to get inked by this guy! He is soooo good at dotwork so I wrote him I wanted to get some work from him! He immediately replied that he was into it! The only problem was finding a spot. I was thinking and thinking and suddenly I thought `Why not tattoo my boobs?’ They are the only part of my body that is not tattooed at all... and it looks weird haha! Especially since I got my boobjob last April. It’s like headlights. Hahaha. I asked him if he was up for that and he was! So in December I went to his shop and got the tattoo half done! (In January we finish it... Siked! ). It is a bit weird to get your boobs out hahaha but I am so happy with how it looks. I took one of my best friends and Monster colleague Jay with me, I thought.. JP is going to see my boobs, why not Jay as well ahha. I wanted some company for the long road trip and he is always fun to be around with! We hadn't work for Monster Energy since November so we had to catch up. And I told him `It might get boring but you get to see boobies’ haha. He is a wonderful friend! Always there for me and we talk about everything! Really everything so I did not feel weird about him being there.

JP made this big ass mandala that he was going to put on my chest and he tattooed all the parts there that didn’t have any ink, like a little fill up. He sure knows what he is doing 'cause I’m so in love with it. Oh yeah, fab work! I want to get my whole body filled up with dotwork! It seems to work well with all the work I already have! And getting my boobs tattooed wasn't so painful, phew.. I barely felt it, maybe because they are not really mine?! Hahaha if you know what I mean. Haha! The nipple `tho’...damn that hurts haha! But thank God JP is quite fast and very gentle. It hurt more on my chest and collarbone.
I can’t wait to show u the `censured’ result! It already looks wow! (You can already see a censured half done piece on my Instagram too). 21 January we are going to finish.

Bring it on… I am ready! YEAH

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