Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt39

15 January 2017 by Femke Fatale

I am sooo happy to be back to work!

Photocredit: Pixboard

Just spend the day at tattoo shop La Machine Infernale Tattoo in Tourcoing (France). I host their online YouTube channel, which means I announce all the events, parties and guest artists there! It is a lot of fun and I love working there. What an amazing shop, you really should check it out; crazy interior, skulls, crosses, paintings.... It is awesome and all very talented young tattoo artists. It feels like a family! I go there every two weeks and the cool thing about this shop is that they do so many events, like parties and exhibitions and almost every month a different guest artist.
Also some really famous ones like Cris and Roza from Sake Tattoo Crew, the biggest tattoo shop in Europe! Roza once painted a photo of me, and it hangs in the shop, which is AWESOME... I am so honoured!

Photocredit: Pixboard

I am sooo excited for this year, starting a few new projects and hosting a lot of car shows, cool tattoo conventions and metal festivals (super stoked for Heavy Scotland, with Arch Enemy and Fucking Behemoth headlining!!!! Yeah!!!

In June I will also be doing my first bike stunt show with Mark aka Wortel. Let's do this!!!!!!

XXX Femke


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