Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt41

31 January 2017 by Femke Fatale

Yayyy my dotwork/boob & chest tattoo is done! JP Mottin from Grizzly Ink did an amazing job! I am sooooo happy with it! Next up will be my hands! Yeah! So stoked!!!

JP is going to turn my whole body into a dotwork art piece haha. Can’t wait! It will be a long process but so worth it :)
I have also been working at the La Machine Infernale Tattoo, filming the online videos! Always fun! And I have been working with Ink Mania at conventions, promo work and inviting artists! We went to the International Lille Tattoo Convention & the East Flanders one! After the conventions we partied, maybe a bit too hard ahahha! We went to the Carré, which is a nightclub in Willebroek! There was the Mr & Miss Tattoo show! Not the contest but the presentation of the contestants! Tattooed men in underwear, vodka oranges and friends.. I wasn’t complaining, well maybe about the music haha but hey, it’s a nightclub! Not my hangout place; I felt out of place haha out of my comfort zone ahha. I wanted to put on my headset and listen to Slayer hahah!!! The cool thing is we all dressed up so it was rad to see my male friends and Ink Mania colleagues in suits. Men dressed up… never a bad thing!! Wish I bought a suit as well, like Rachel Evan Wood! She looks amazing in a suit!!! Damn! She makes me want to buy one!!

Next up are fire classes and the Milano Tattoo Convention!! Bring it on!!!!!
XXX Femke 

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