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05 February 2017 by Femke Fatale

This week I lost one of my best friends, my cat Witje! He had lost the battle against cancer! In November he had surgery to remove a cancer tumour on his ear! Half his ear was taken away! Everything seemed to heal well! Until last week, another tumour appeared on what was left of his little ear :(((

He was not his usual self, slept a lot and hid from us! He was a stray cat we took in our garage, together with his ginger brother and black haired sister! We did not want to keep them but if you are a cat lover, you know how this goes... you get attached and keep them :) A few months ago Zwartje (yes the names are sooo original) had lost her battle against cancer too. :( One day she stopped eating, taking care of herself and slept all the time! I called the vet and she had a huge tumour on her tongue! So the vet put her to sleep while I held her and hugged her and talked to her! I needed to be there for her! I wanted her to feel loved during her last few minutes! Damn I miss her, she was such a pretty sweet and adorable cat! And now... I had to day goodbye to Witje, well I don't see it as a goodbye but as a See You Later. I hope he is happy to see his sister again!!!
Back to Witje's story... I took him to the vet and they kept him there to check out his ear, a few hours later I called Joost and he told me the bad news. The best was to put him to sleep... devastating news but I felt relieved as well. Witje would not have to suffer anymore! I asked him if I could hold Witje when he got his injection and so I went there! Had some last talks and hugs! He even purred and licked my hand. Damn I was crying so hard! I tried to be brave for him but I failed!

I am a very emotional person so this stuff is so hard for me…
I felt life go out of his little furry body... just like with Zwartje.... goodbye is never easy! Cats are so important for me, they are my best friends, my family, my everything. Now Rostje is alone... he lost his siblings but he still got the house cats Bonnie & Clyde and me of course!!! Life isn’t fair.... hope he is enjoying his well earned lazy afterlife up in cat heaven, my baby boy!!!

XXX Femke

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