Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt43

19 February 2017 by Femke Fatale

WOOPS!!!!! I skipped a week in my blog! Shame on me! I have an excuse though... I was working non-stop… hehe, no I didn’t, though it was a good excuse LOL!

I have been sampling with Monster Energy as we have a new flavour out! The Ultra Citron! A lemon taste and without any sugar or calories. And it is super tastyyyyyy!!!!
For those who don't like the typical energy drink taste, u will adore it. I promise!

I have been driving the truck this week! Aaah I love that beast! What an animal! A Silverado Chevrolet truck!
Always feel like a badass in it! Especially when driving in small streets in the cities! Yeah!
We drive around and give away free drinks to all our supporters and fans! Such a grateful job! Easy to make new friends ahhaha:))) just kidding.

Tomorrow my last Monster day! Then I do a shoot for a cool project and then some Sea Shepherd volunteering! Keeping busy! As I love it haha :)))
I need adventure! I need challenges and there are a lot in the near future. Yeah boyyyyy!!!
At this very moment, while typing this blog, I am working out at the gym, `riding z bike’ hahaha dying a bit inside after a long day haha. But I still need to work on my bikini body!

Ahahah damn why is bad food so yummy? :( ahahhaha.

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