Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt60

18 June 2017 by Femke Fatale

Love... it sure isn't easy! Especially with a crazy life like mine! I travel all the time, work a lot, mostly last minute assignments etc.! I am not complaining but for a relationship it isn’t easy!

Just talked to a friend who has guy trouble!
It always seems the same problem! Men say what you want to hear, but don't act like it!
Men.. read this.. 'actions are louder than words'! We prefer the truth than a lie, because lies come out and it makes it even more fucked up! Tell us what you think, really think and not what we want to hear!
Maybe girls do the same, I don't know but I think we are more emotional and want true love! One guy that truly is into us and only us! So get that in your head, men! 

The only true love I get is from my cats and mom :)
I love them to death! Every evening, when I’m home, we walk with them around our neighbourhood! Bonnie & Clyde follow us and play and have a good time with us. It is the best time ever! You can see that they adore the quality time together; we usually walk 4 times around the big parking block and sometimes Zorro, the neighbours' cat tags along! After the walk we go inside and the kitties want a treat.. Catisfactions!! Then B&C are tired and take a nap! Ahha I wish I was a cat.. all these naps and Catisfactions! My cats are so spoilt hahaha!! And they deserve it! And they appreciate it! They’re such sweet cats!!

My mom is getting a new tattoo soon
She is crazy like me! Ahahha I got it from her I think ahah!
For her 60th birthday she had a tattoo at the Brussels Tattoo Convention on Friday (`Iedereen Beroemd’ filmed it haha excellent) (a tattoo of mine and my bro's name+DOB) and the Saturday she got another one (Kimi Raikkonen tattoo) hahah! Yes.. told u.. crazyyyy

Up next is a Lewis Hamilton tattoo
Ahha again.. told you... CRAZYYY ahha. As you can figure out she is a huge Formula 1 fan!! Me too! She made me one as well hahah I became into it thanx to her and my brother! Both fanatics! I follow mom though.. Team Lewis!!! Tim, my bro prefers McLaren! Ehhe! :) He has got all the shirts they ever made! Big supporter since like forever! And smart fan! He knows all about F1. Drivers AND technology. Yes he is the smart one in the family!!! I won't lie haha.
This August we are all going to be at F1 Spa Francorchamps again! Countdownn!!!!!!! Family trip!

And good news
I just heard my buddies from Dog Eat Dog are back in Belgium in July!!!!!
Rock Herk festival! And guess what??? It is on my only weekend off so I CAN go! STOKED! I haven’t seen them in forever as I am always working far away when they are here!!! But now it is going to be a great day with Vodka Deluxes, beer and pizza.. JC... it's going to be epic!!! I am readyyy for summer!!! Bring it on!! 

Speaking of summer
; I need a holiday
Well need.. not really as my life is a holiday ahha but I want!! I want!! Really bad! Sun! Swimming pools! Lions! Thinking of taking one in December or January! Go see my lions in Drakenstein LionPark and of course also my buddy Jon Monsoon!! A great animal activist and amazing person!! I can’t wait to be back in South Africa!! It's been almost 2 (or is it 3 already) years! Way too long! I miss it! The vibes are so nice there! No stress, no drama, just sun animals, fun and surf.

Want to adopt a lion as well??? Go visit www.lionrescue.sa.org
Do it!!!!!

XXX Femke

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