Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt61

25 June 2017 by Femke Fatale

Last Saturday was EPIC! I went bike stunting with Mark aka Wortel/Freestyle 711 and it was badass. We do motor stunt-freestyle together! He rides, I’m all over the bike! We still practise in suits, you never know in case we fall ahhaha! We are ready for shows! So if you want to book us.. hehe :) entertainment!

I also went to Bart Bastiaanse, Tribal Trading shop in Tilburg.
We do a piercing-fire-pole dance show called Circus Of Madness and I wanted to rehearse my fire show with Yasmine! She is already so good at it hehe :) Yeah girl!  She taught me some tricks! It's actually dangerously easy ahah! I can’t wait for Ink Mania next Sunday [today]! Come and see us on the Holy Fuck Stage at 15.30!!! Countdown.

Then I went home for some rest.
Because the next day I was invited by my Monster boss to join him at Graspop Metal Meeting!
I was stoked when he asked me, always a good line up and I hadn't been there in years and years! Maybe 6 haaha.
I usually am booked that weekend! This year I wasn’t! So free to finally go again to metal heaven ahhah!!!
We arrived and went to the office for our guest list! We were on the Sum41 list, it wasn’t there so we waited and got to know the band Korn Again/Stiff Bizkit who played the day before, on Saturday! Nice guys from England! Had a good chat while baking in the sun and waiting! They got their guest list before us so they gave us 2 spots! So rad!!! We didn't even ask! They just did! Good people still exist :))

We went in and saw our friends of American Socks!
Got me a pair of their knee-highs with Monster Energy colours ahha! Black with green striped! Love them! Immediately wore them! Thanks guys!!
It was sooo hot that day! Damn!! Almost died ahhaha! We watched Steel Panther (yes we saw loads of boobies ahhah! Small big... all kinds hahah! I love those guys! Met them at Lokerse Feesten! Badass guys).
Also saw a bit of Hatebreed and ST! Yeah! By the time it was 6.00 we had our guest lists ahha! So VIP bar time :) so good to see Ra from ST, my bestie Tim Tronckoe, Inglorious,... there! Fun times! So many people there! Even the Alcatraz guys, damn I adore them, great guys with a heart of gold!
We hung out with the Groezrock team and then all went to see Sum41 on stage! Teen memories! So cool! Weird, because they don’t seem to age! Ahahha feel like they are as old as when they started ahha! What’s their secret? Hahahah

Then Monday was laser time!
But not before I saw Vicky and Kim, the Twisted Freestyle people at their house!! With a pool!!' Aaahh perfect on such a hot sunny day! I didn’t want to leave the swimming pool but had to... Dermalaser.be laser time with Frederic Faure! He helps me get rid of my 'beard' hahaha. It is almost gone! Woohoo and a little umbrella, badly tattooed… Top deep too dark! Too much of everything ahha and that is not good! We didn’t laser my treasure map on my leg! I didn’t feel like it ahha! I was so exhausted of the heat and I’m off to With Full Force, big job interview and Ink Mania soon so would have been a hassle to take care of! So in November we will do that one again!  It was not too bad, the lasering because it is so fast and well done but still.. I prefer getting inked hahaha!
I can smell my skin 'burn' ahha especially under my chin ahah closer to my nose ahha! Blahhh!!!
But so happy it is fading so fast! No scars... all good:))) thanks Fre/ Dermalaser.be for your professionalism :))

Now I am doing cardio again.
Ahhaha, as usual ahha! Best time to think, work and listen to Discover Weekly on Spotify!!!! Needed some cardio as I have been eating so bad lately! Fries, pizzas, veggy burgers, etc.. OW and don't forget the magnums ahha! My dad buys the Aldi or Lidl ones with brownie taste! OMG!!!Delicious!!!!!!! I could eat the whole box in one day, aha! Seriously! Try it!! Choc overdose haha!!  So yeah... cardio is obligatory today even though it’s boiling hot!

Then I’m off to my home! Chilling and TV time with the cats.
Catch up on Inkmaster with Julie! So proud of her! She is badass; graffiti artist, tattoo artist, painter, she does it all! And not just does it, she owns it!!! Check out the kickass painting she made of me!!! Wowza!!! She should win! In a few weeks we will find out, she is the only woman left in the co test! Heheh! Girl powerrr babyy!!!

XXX Femke

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