Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt62

02 July 2017 by Femke Fatale

I survived another epic weekend!!!

Friday I travelled to Dusseldorf for a show with my Swedish punk rockers Psychopunch!
We had a badass time, sang 4 songs with them! Always a good time in the Pitcher, small but very amazing bar/venue! We had the crowd on fire :) yeah! This was a little warm up for our next show on Saturday at With Full Force festival! I love these 4 dudes, we always laugh our asses off together! What a team! On Saturday Psychopunch played on the Metal Hammer stage of With Full Force Fest around 19.40 CET! Not bad at all:) we had a long drive in the van but we laughed and ate a lit of ice cream and drank Monster to stay awake ahha! And damn.. what a perfect fest.. Motionless in White played (talked make up with Chris, damn he is better at it than me!!! Those guys look so kickass cool, all of them!) Comeback Kid (always great seeing my old time buddy Andrew, we met when Scott was still singing.. so we go wayyy back!) I went to see Terror with Andrew! They played the main stage! What a different show, still good but weird to see Terror on this HUGE stage with the crowd super far away! Usually they play smaller comfier stages with fans right in front so they can sing-along, stage dive and high five:) but it was a good show anyway!! Even though Scott thought it was not as good, cuz of the diff settings but I bet we all loved it anyway! So Scott.. U guys rocked, like I told U! No matter what stage you play! Hehe. Also saw a bit of Obey The Brave, the new album `Mad Season’ is fantastic!!! Saw just the last two songs, because Mr Dirk Behlau aka The pixeleye took some marvellous pix of me and rock beers, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Slayer, etc!!! So coool! You can order those on rockdrinks.de !!!! Mmmm tasty! Check it out!!!!
And hello, the fest was full if hot men. Eye candy time hahaja! I had fun, as you can imagine hahaja.
So yeah, our show there was sooooo much fun!  Everyone sang along and partied hard!!!! Saw some familiar faces in the front row... Psychopunch kicked serious butt at WFF!!!! 

After that I just hung out a bit and then left for Ink Mania
6 hours drive during the night, arrived at 5.30 & checkout at the hotel was 11.00 hahah so thank god the dude gave us an hour more!! Yess we!! We were my mom, her best friend Nicole and me:) they were my private drivers from Belgium to Dusseldorf and from WFF fest to Hasselt! My mom is the best, my biggest fan and she does so much for me!
Love u MOM!!!!!
I slept soooo good, was so tired and when I woke up I immediately got ready and got driven to the venue! Mommy and Nicole went home and I stayed at Ink Mania all day to host a bit, do the piercing/fire/pole dance circus show with Circus of Madness! Crazy day! I didn’t get to see anything but I had a great adventure there. Our show was at 15.30 and we put the place on fire!!! Not really but yeah haha you get the picture! Was so much fun!! I love my babes and blokes of Circus.
So good to see Bernadette and Shelly there too! Badass bitches;) so proud of what they already have achieved in their career! And they are sooo damn hot!
Then I announced the Baba Yega (for those who missed the hype.. these 5 badass dancers won Belgium's got Talent') act on the main stage and during their show they brought me on stage for a little dance hahaha! That was incredible hahah! I didn’t see this one coming:) lol! I am the worst dancer ever, ask Jarmo (my crazy dance partner) from Psychopunch! We always dance insanely bad to hide the fact we cannot dance! What a show!!! So if you don't know them, check them out.. NOW and my video ahhahah!!! 

I was also a special guest in the Death Do us Part show on the main stage
Rachel and Charlie are so crazyyy!!! Husband and wife... throwing knives ... sword swallowing and more! So Charlie didn’t just throw knives at his wifey but also at me at the SAME time! Whoaaaa!!! I survived though... without any cuts jajaja still got all my arms and legs haha. I love this couple!!! Perfect team #Couplegoals
Also met so many friends/fans! It’s weird to call them fans because I don’t see myself that way, as someone with fans! I just live my life, do my shit, and live my passion out loud! I said it before and I’ll say it again... 'I feel so blessed'.

(Photo by Dirk ``The Pixeleye'' Behlau)

After that, Lie and I hosted the Tattoo contest
What a high level of tattooing! Happy I wasn’t a judge there haha! Phewwwww I had the easy job, get the contestants on stage, make people laugh at my bullshit and hand out awards and get kisses.... pretty good right?! I am NOT complaining hahaj!
What a day!! Ink Mania.. 1st edition.. they nailed it!! Go team INK MANIA! Next year they are doing 3 days!!! Fuck yeah! Legends!
Then Kris, me Pikatchu and a very good friend brought me home and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited ahha! This weekend rates high in 'my best weekends top 5'!! A weekend to remember!!!! Now workout and sleep time!!!!

See u next week!!!

XXX Femke
P.s. I also made a workout video thingy with Henny Seroeyen, Belgium's hottest and coolest gym model ever! 
Hahah we have loads of bloopers too and guess who is starring in them?! Yes.. ME.
We drank Monster to keep our energy up high as it was 32 degrees that day! Whatttt?!?! (yes Belgium Summer is here).
I was sore as fuck for days after this hahaha!!! So thanks Henny ahhaha. This is so different than cardio ahha.
But I had a good time and want to do power training more! I don’t want to be an #unfitgirl anymore! So #fitgirl soon hahaha.


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