Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt63

09 July 2017 by Femke Fatale

How can I be this lucky in life! Life I said, NOT love hahah! My love life sucks balls ahhaha!!!

Last week was terrible again!
And terrible in the good way, the best way!! I have been working for Monster Energy 2 days! One day at a Coca Cola meeting in Brussels & after that at the Anthrax show in Liege, Belgium! Great to see all the Cola people again! We used to work a lot together at the food & drink fairs! I miss that! Monster, let me go back there, hahah! We were there to promote the new Monster drink, the Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy! Supercool because I am a BIG supporter! What a legend, down to earth talented and also hot guy! Ahha:) WIN! Team Hamilton! At night we went to drop a special delivery off for the Anthrax guys and saw the show! The venue was sooo small! Damn! Narrow is the better word so it was boiling hot! My boss Kenny & I watched from the couch in the lounge because we almost died inside the room! I saw enough and the band sounded perfect there! After the show we sampled the Lewis drink to all the metal heads! Fun times!

A very drunk guy did throw us a can at our heads
Oh well, shit happens and we had good karma! It didn’t hit in our faces, ahhah! Pheww. After that I went home, took a powernap (yes I said powernap, no sleep, just a nap) as I had to bring the Monster Truck to the UK head office! It's an old beast so it needs some repairs. Some = loads BTW ahha! It took me agessss to get on the Eurotunnel! As our truck is so big we had to travel on the freight train! So I was stuck in long lines with all the trucks, took me two hours to get on that freaking train, haha but after all it was fun!

I listened to `Mad Season', the new Obey The Brave album.
Check it! It's thumbs up! I especially love it when Alex sings in French! Olalaaa.
The train ride was super short, 20 min, more or less! I couldn’t stay in the truck, had to go with a little bus (one that picks up all the drivers) and go to a little train compartment in front of the train to travel through the euro tunnel! Adventurous!!! After the short train ride a bus took us back and I was ready to pursuit my trip! Driving on the wrong side (yes not the other side, its really the wrong side to me ahha damn you British people) of the road... crazyyy!! Loads of traffic there as well so it took me ages to get to my destination (there goes my hangout time in London city), no shopping for me.. but maybe that's good, ahhaha).

I arrived at the headquarters around 15.30!
I was sooo happy to see Robin there and meet all the Monster peeps there! Robin gave me these rad bottles of energy/flavoured water! Wish we had those in Belgium, perfect for workouts! Yeah! (I am actually working out again while typing this, ahha! Oh yes I am). 3 flavours: Tropical Thunder, Mean Green and Manic Melon!!! My favourite taste is the Mean Green!!! Monster babyyyy!!!
I left the office at 16.15 to the Eurostar and got my train back home! Got it just in time as I was stuck in traffic ... AGAIN!
What a trip! On my way in the cab to the station I saw that burnt down apartment building. It gave me the shivers... fucking hell... I really feel for all the victims, horrible way to lose your life! I read so much about it and every time it breaks my heart!!!

Then a day off!
Needed it! Sleep time and then time for the V8 Brothers Meeting in Hooglede!! I hosted it as the last 3 years! Good vibes, nice people, kickass bands! Gio & Vicky have the best taste in live bands, they know how to find the coolest and craziest energetic bands! My favourite was Hillbilly Casino! Immediately hit it off with the guys! They’re as fun living as my friends and me! We laughed our asses off, dancing and doing push ups ahha! Jay (my bestie) and Kris were there too! Fun all around!! During Hillbilly Casino there was a chair on stage so I said 'damn I want a lap dance from nick', ahha (I mean.. a chair screams out LAPDANCE to me!!).
So Gio and Vicky carried me onstage made it happen ahha!!! Thanks Nick… you’re good! I enjoyed it! Too bad the handsome guy is married, lol! Yes I am a very moral girl! No married men for me! I want someone who only goes for me as I said before! Women deserve respect and don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do with you! Maybe that’s why my karma is so good and my love life non existing, haha. Usually the event always has bad weather, rain, rain, rain. To be honest… ever since I started hosting it! Hahah, really! True story! Before they had sunny days, haha oops! Is it me? Nahh, haha it couldn’t be right????  But it started bad, loads of rain and at noon the sun came out to play so hooray we broke the rain spell!!! So the day was even more perfect!!!!!!! Hangouts, lap dances, hosting, my besties around. WIN for fatale

Next week I have a cool shoot on Thursday
And Antwerp Metal Fest during the weekend! Party again!! Life is a party! Life is good! I enjoy it while it lasts! Positive vibes bring positive things in life!
I am the living proof of this!! Life didn’t happen to me, I made it happen! I work hard for it! I fight my inner demons. Goodbye depressive thoughts (most of the time, they do still happen but less strong and I am a survivor so I fight them as hard as I can). Hello sunshine!
Don't forget, everything passes by! Nothing lasts forever. Don't be stuck in your heartache, in your sadness! I learnt the hard way! Go forward! Yes you can!! If you ever want to share your story with me, you are always welcome! Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/femkefataleFTW !

I will be your listening ear, your support when you don't see any light anymore! I want to be that for you! All of you!

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Herman Vercammen 

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