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16 July 2017 by Femke Fatale

Back at the gym... so this means… another blog! My week has been so hectic, so now it is Saturday and I am working out for the first time since last Friday! Oops!

Last Saturday I was hosting Antwerp Metal Fest
What a blast! Sepultura headlined! The day flew by so fast, isn’t it always like this when you have fun?! It was rad I got an Instagram comment from the singer of Sepultura, on the video I made of Sepultura, thanking me for the introduction! It is always great to feel appreciated for my work!! 

The next day I went to Comic Con in Ghent
I volunteered there with Sea Shepherd in the morning, till about 14.30! Funny thing, I recognized 10 characters in all those hours! So guess I am not so good at it haha!
I met Michael Biehn from The Terminator and Aliens;) and I met a guy that created the alien suit by himself! He worked on it for a month, every day 1 to 2 hours! Wow it looked mental!! Awesome how passionate and talented some of these fans are! Respect!!!!!! It is so nice to 'work' with Sea Shepherd! I get to meet so many volunteers with a golden heart! And we do not get paid, many people ask us about money! No, we do not get any; we do this voluntary, because we want to!!!! 

Then after that I went to Sjock Festival to do merchandise for The Hellacopters!
I arrived before them so I hung out with my friends, the Popcorn Crew at their booth! Check them out, a bunch of fun & crazy talented people!
At 17.30 the band arrived so I went to see him, hung out a bit, watched Nashville Pussy together and then went to work! I had my coca cola, my food, 2 packed boxes and when I arrived at my spot I could not see the field ahhaha I only saw a sea of people, fans that wanted to buy merch, insaneeee!! I didn’t even open my boxes, did not even know what shirts I had haha! And the whole area was so muddy dirty and sandy so I could not put the shirts everywhere! Because I would make the merch dirty so... after checking how many different shirts I had I started selling! Never been so busy at a merch stand! But fun too, as time flew by like crazy! During the beginning of my hectic merch duty the singer of The Hip Priests dropped by and helped me out! He just came to buy merch for his girlfriend but ended up helping a lot! Nice!! Thanks Nathan!!! Before I knew it I had time to eat my dinner (after 3 hours maybe ahha) and pack up! Almost sold out! We had a few big, big sizes left, so... perfect day for The Hellacopters! And their show was ace, saw my favourite songs, as I sneaked out while my neighbour sellers kept an eye on my merch;)

I met Ben, the Nashville Pussy, as their merch was next to me and he got me an ice cream!
You know IJsboerke frisco's?! Made me think of my youth... when I had exams I ate a bunch of those while studying haha! This dude is so funny!! I bet when you hang out with him you always get into the maddest shit haha! He even got stuck with his hair on a hook on the ceiling of the merch tent haha! I just heard: 'Femke help me' looked up and saw him ahhaha too funny!! LOL! How the hell did that happen?!? 
After my merch duty I went backstage and went to Dregen's office haha!
He made an office out of the shower room! It had a small, small small desk! Haha so there we counted, well Dregen did! He is the brain;) haha! It was sooo funny so see him sit there! At his tiny desk in a tiny shower room! What a bloke! He is one of the nicest guys I ever met! I actually met him and his tour manager Stefan 2 years ago, also at Sjock Rock when I did merch for Backyard Babies and The Hives!
I always seem to do merch for Swedish bands ahhah once did merch for The Haunted as well during an Alcatraz Clubshow etc! I like them, Swedish bands are so professional and friendly! No complaints here! Hehe.

Tired as fuck I tried to find my car.
At festivals it’s always so hard, as you park on fields and they all look the same. When I arrived I made a backward plan of how I walked and it helped! All good! Drove home, slept a few hours and went to La Machine Infernale Tattoo Shop to make the next 2 videos! Always a good time! I hadn't been there in a while as we took a summer break! Billy went to the US for a long time, lucky bastard haha! He is a super guy though, he brought me special monster energy cans, that only the US has!! Thanks dude!!! Mmm I'm in love with the pink juice and the blue ultra!!! My favourite tastes!!! Well US tasted but my ever-favourite one is still The Punch!!!! Mmmm. Ever tried that one?! NO?! Do it! Do it!!!!
We had pizza for lunch mmmm Domino's! My favourite pizza chain!! After the pizza it was hard to work though, as you are in a food coma hahah! But we did it! We made it happen.

On Tuesday I slept like a baby and then by noon went to the Monster office!
Kenny, the boss and I had to go to a Coca Cola Factory to sample the Lewis cans there! We were sooo lucky!  It started to rain when we finished! Phewwwww
Damn Belgian weather hehe!:))

Then Wednesday was
shoot day at Attitude Holland! OMG I love Attitude, the office is soooo rad but dangerous!!! I would spend all my money there hahahah!! Aahhh for those who don't know it, its an online shop! They sell Killstar, Disturbia, Demonia shoes. Check it out, but be careful for your money ahhawww.attitudeholland.nl
We did a lot of outfits and I felt the need to buy them hahah! But I stayed strong and I didn’t hahah:)))
Phew! Sharon, the photographer, already send me a picture when I was on my way home! Damn she is fast and goood!!! Talented little lady! Well little, she is super tall ahha I am like a midget next to her!

Thursday and Friday I slept
!!! I needed it! I was drained! So tired but so happy! My life rulez!!! I can’t complain!!

I do not only write about my professional life here.
But I always want to talk about meat and animals, etc. As most of you know I’m an animal lover, I adopted (abused and now rescued) lions in Africa, I work for Sea Shepherd and Stichting Dierenlot! I have 3 wicked cat babies,... but I do eat meat, very rarely though! So I don't call myself a vegetarian but a flexitarian! I am not against eating meat but TOTALLY against the (mass) industry! In the past humans hunted if hungry, used every part of the animal, that's acceptable! Nowadays we kill thousands and thousands of animals, usually in a very cruel way, sometimes even for fun, for the kick (trophy hunting)!
This is not OK!! Animals have to be treated with respect!

Photo by Sharon of Attitude Holland

I understand most of you will always keep eating a lot of meat but be careful what meat you eat, where it came from. Eat ethically correct meat! Please! By this, you can also help change the world. I try to eat veggy/vegan 95% of the time, maybe some of you won't understand, as some of you do not understand how you can love animals and eat them! Well, I accept your point of view! I don't share it though! Might sound hypocrite to some but I feel like it's in our nature! As long as it all happens with respect and ethically correct! What happens in our world now is not respectful! We need to change this and go back to old times! So meat lovers: eat responsibly!!!!!! Please!! Make sure you don't support the mass meat industry! Make an end to it. Help us make a change! Please!

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau

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