Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt65

23 July 2017 by Femke Fatale

This weekend I had a little catch up with my naps! I needed it! I could have gone to Dynamo Fest or Rock Herk (had invitations from Dog Eat Dog and Entombed AD... sorry guys... REALLY wanted to see you), but my body said no! Guess life have been crazy busy lately and it's catching up with my body/mind and me! I feel so emotional, tired & drained! So I decided to take some time off!

With Tim Tronckoe

I only did a shoot on Sunday for the cover of my calendar!
I could not cancel this as it's important and my friend and photographer Tim Tronckoe, who takes all the pictures, is a very busy bee. I love him & his work! What a talented and amazing friend he is! Goddamn!!! Never heard of him? As a metal head, it is not possible hahah, unless you don't have internet/WIFI... maybe then it is accepted?!?!
His boyfriend Simon made me an amazing attribute! WTF! I was impressed (I won’t tell you what though! Don’t want to ruin the surprise)! Talented couple!!! Love them so much, the cuties! They even brought Otto! Their dog :) a rescue dog from Spain!! Golden heart ... those two!!! So blessed to have them as my friends!!

My hairdresser/friend Nicky did my make-up!!
She is magnificent and made me look so different! Even at some point I looked like Marilyn Manson ahha! But don't be fooled, the shoot was totally NOT gothic or evil! Hehehe wait and see!
We also planned on having 4 tattooed and muscly men on the picture! But only 1 showed up ahhaha! So we winged it! Made solo shots and duo shots! Going to be well epic!
You know, I also cancel shit so I never mind! But at least let me know you won't be there! That pisses me off a bit as we were counting on having 4 men! But in the end, it worked in our advantage! The pix are killer!!!!!!!! Hellyeah! Hope you guys all buy my calendar! Hehe! Would be ace!

With Nicky

Now I’m back at the gym.
After an emo week I have gained some weight haha! (Yes it is true, even my mom said so haha, and moms don't lie about such a thing)! I saw it on the pix of the shoot! Oh shit! I didn't work out (all week unless the day before the shoot) and I ate burgers, pizza, and candy, like a mad woman, hahah that I can be sometimes! I ain't perfect ahah, far from...  I work out loads to have this body and it can be better! If I ate as well as I USUALLY workout I would have a fit body but hey, life isn’t about diets and fitness! I want to enjoy it! I just should not exaggerate enjoying life and food haha which sometimes I can't help doing ahah! Oops I did it again..... 

Photo by Sabine Pariente

This week is a bit of a question mark
Will I be in Romania to see Wanda and chill at the sea there? Or will I sleep & Netflix all week orrr will I go to Loosefest (a Monster Energy event) and a car show???

You will find out in next week's blog! Hehe, excitingggg! 

XXX Femke


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