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30 July 2017 by Femke Fatale

Soooo I went to Romania... a little holiday! It was good to sleep like 10 hours a night, haha! And the weather was amazing! Swimming pool time!

I came back all refreshed and recharged!
My busy life isn't back yet though! I have 2-3 quiet weeks! But it is all good! Weird huh in July, but I am busiest between February and mid July and then end of July till end of November!! Every year around this time in July I am on a little time off! I like it but I hate it! I prefer keeping busy, keep going! With a few lazy days a week! I get bored easily hehe!

These weeks I got a few new bookings!
Stoked! I am back at Wasteland in November with two solo shows… I am preparing already, it is gonna be cool! Believe me, so come and check it out.. 25th of November! I also had a meeting with the Alcatraz team! Cant wait... 2 more weeks, it is getting closer. I will host again with Noel, the first part of the day, towards the evening, the bands have their own intro's so then my job switches to band host backstage! Like at last year's edition, only change is that this year there will be 2 stages and 3 days of fun!!! Oh yeah! Hope to see you all there!
Also had meeting with the Sea Shepherd crew about a new position for me! From now on I am the new Tabling Coordinator. Siked! Gonna be a lot of work but fun! As I am already active at events, this job will be easier for me! Looking for events and new opportunities for Sea Shepherd booths at events in Belgium! 

My grand mom also died this week :(
She has been cremated on Thursday! She was (it is still weird to say 'was') a badass lady, 92 years old, strong, independent! She was very proud of me and always talked about me to everyone who would listen. So proud, I guess she saw herself in me! We are so alike (or should I say were), we live our lives at the fullest, and how we want! We are quite selfish if I can use that word, but in a good way! If I ever die, I won’t have regrets, I live my life at 100% and I follow my dreams and try to reach my goals! Just like her! R.I.P. Granny!!! Love u! (We had a bad relationship till a few years ago, no family is perfect, we need to move on, forgive and forget and start all over sometimes. I won't go into detail but now we were closer than ever, so it is hard to let go, but in life we have no choice! I think and stay positive, she had a great life, a longgg life and she died when she wanted! She felt more and more unhappy, alone, she outlived my granddad, her sister and family/friends! She felt like life had reached an end for her, she had a fall and died instantly, no suffering and no pain (well I hope, that’s what they told me).

It makes me realize even more life is precious and we need to enjoy every day at the fullest! YOLO

XXX Femke

Header photo by Herman Vercammen

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