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06 August 2017 by Femke Fatale

Oh yeah, I am back at work! Finally!

Being lazy, I love it!
But I tend to over eat (let's say have an overdose on snacks) and when I’m back at work I regret the 'damage' I achieved haha! So, now at the gym, working that body, before heading to Marlies (Pretty Nails Bar) get my nails done and then I will be filming again at La Machine Infernale! Siked! I feel like our videos get better & better every time, I feel more and more comfortable in front of a camera talking to… well actually no one and everyone!

Doing interviews is easy.
It's a real conversation, 2 way street or hosting an event, because I see the people! (Which isn't always fun, as at tattoo conventions, people usually couldn't care less what you say hahaha, but at metal festivals it is more fun! Because the audience is excited to see their favourite bands and can't wait for you to leave the stage so the show can really start ahha! So they scream, grunge, yell and get mental! Gotta adore this) but as I watch the videos I am more and more satisfied! I still hate watching the videos though but you got to watch and learn from your mistakes! 

Did you guys see the after movie from Heavy Scotland???
I did some interviews with the almighty Nergal from Behemoth (what a legend), crazy / awesome John from Warbringer who almost got me in trouble with the security of the festival venue, haha! Or should I blame our stage manager Mutz as well ahahha! Also with my Buddy from Destruction, every time we see each other we talk Russian! It started with Jarmo (singer of Psychopunch) and me did this all the time at Summer Breeze last year when we performed there! It caught on like a virus hahaha! So now we got Arch Enemy's Sharlee and Destruction's Schmier,... doing it too every time they see me/us ahha. Radness! It still happens now, almost a year later! 

Yesterday I went to London by Eurostar.
To pick up my baby, the Belgian Monster truck, at the garage there! She was under maintenance for more than a month, yes she had loads of flaws hehe, she is a real motherfucker! And she is now ready, totally ready for the MXGP in Lommel this weekend! Yeah! She has a working stereo/ speaker again anddd we got a new fridge setting etc.! She looked fabulous (as always though), it was a good reunion, the rascal! Drove her back home, but it took me ages, UK traffic.. mental! And it was raining as fuck! I had an early morning, long trip; my Eurostar ride, my underground voyage and then train trip ahhaha, no rain there.. yeah... all good I was inside all the time. But then.. when I had to walk 10 min from the station to the garage... hello rain! Hahah typical! And since then it hadn't stopped! Even when arriving in France… still raining... passing the Belgian border… even more rain! Where has summer gone??? (Sad face, as we don't do smileys in this blog). 

Photo credit: Stijn Coenders

Now I am at the gym.
As usual where I write my blog! My little office, I had a busy holiday eating and watching Netflix, so... dealing with the damage now (as I said before)! Not too bad after all, to be honest! Phew! Have you noticed when you pass a certain age, everything you eat sticks to you... agh! Sucks for a lazy fuck as me haha! I love my choc (oreosss all the way). But cardio helps me!! I met this girl Gina at the shoot with Tim Tronckoe and she is going to help me out to get a killer body! Well summer is almost over so I am going for a stunning 'winter' body! Hahah:) she has a body to die for! Too muscly for me, but WOW!!! I want to get a better ass and shaped legs! So let’s do it, maybe my arms as well. Well, we will see how I can fight my laziness demon ahah! See how far I get.

While I was on a little holiday I got myself a new addiction.
Online shopping! Girls, women, you know how hard this is right!? I have so many clothes now I can change outfits 3 times a day aha! Damn! I always buy quite cheap, as I love to wear different stuff and buy things.. a lot, so I don’t want to become totally bankrupt haha! No Primark though! It is against my morals! This cheap isn't possible without.. u know.. the bad conditions people work to make this happen:( so fuck off!
Now my problem is.. what to wear... too many new stuff.. too much to choose from haha #luxuryproblems  #Girlsproblems
I love my life! These are some of the worst problems I have! No drama, I am too busy for drama and men haha so... this kind of works out for me! 

While in The UK I saw 2 media pieces about canned hunting/trophy hunting!
Makes me so sad (an even sadder smiley now, with a tear please). Why would you want to kill these majestic animals? For your ego?? Because you are rich and bored & have too much money??? Give the money to saving these animals, to shelters, sanctuaries, Sea Shepherd, ... so much to do with that cash! But noooo, they want to go shoot innocent animals:(  
Billionaire Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has launched a new hunting (paid) TV channel in Britain! It is glorifying killing wild and rare animals! Boycott this channel and protect our wildlife instead of (celebrating) killing them! Stop this madness; it is because of people like him that we need to cage our wild life! We have to do this to protect them from extinction (due to human's stupid actions), to rescue, rehab and release back in the wild, if possible, but then these breed lion parks where cub handling is done make this impossible as well, those lions can never be back in the wild, as they have been around people, raised and sold to hunters! This is the main reason for their park, breed, get money from people to cuddle, when too old they sell them and these innocent creatures die for human fun:( it is a vicious cycle!

So DON't support cub handling- breeding parks- trophy hunting
Its all about one thing... money & killing the innocent!
Please keep this in mind when you travel! I know lions are pretty and cute but I made the same mistake! But I felt so bad, when I realized the truth! You help those bad people, you give them money, a reason to breed more baby lions, this market is fucked up! Animals aren’t made for our entertainment! Humans exploit animals:(
It is disgusting, just like sea life parks, circuses (yes there are still some around using animals and making them do tricks for money/entertainment). This pisses me off! If we all don't go to these things, we can stop this is wishful thinking but if some of us really do this we already make a change!!!! I know kids want to see animals and tricks and shit but it isn’t good.. believe me! Look online on how people teach elephants/bears/tigers... how to perform! It is unethical!!

Animal welfare! Animal rights!! Make a change and open your eyes. Please!

XXX Femke

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