Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt68

23 August 2017 by Femke Fatale

Sorry my friends! I have missed a few entries! No excuses, right? Haha, so I will just continue..

I have worked at Alcatraz Metal Festival in Kortrijk-Belgium.
And it was awesome! I had 3 crazy days! I did some hosting on stage and I was also a band host backstage! Team Awesome was reunited! Last year was my first year as band host and they teamed me up with David, a very cool guy! So we became Team Awesome and this year we were partners in crime again! Phew! We had a badass time, especially with The Whip app! Don't remember how we came up with this but we both downloaded a whip app and used it in all suitable situations ahha!! I also wanted a whistle app, so I could make the 'sexy person' whistle sound (as I cannot whistle at all:( damn) but another colleague, Gilles, found one but not for IPhones. What?!? I guess I will have to learn how to do 'phieuw phieuw' after all ahhahah.

My office at Alcatraz Fest

David and I had a lot of cool bands we had to take care of
Like I am Morbid, Trivium, Paradise Lost and Saxon. And I had an instant crush on Matt from Trivium! The vibes he sends out, his attitude, his serenity! Wow what a guy! I can't explain but he is such a genuine nice serene guy. I barely meet people who are like this, like the aura he has around him! So it was a pleasure to be Trivium's band host! All my bands were low maintenance! All very grateful and nice! I also met miss Mina Caputo! What a lady! She has such an incredible voice. She complimented me on my look & tattoos and took some time to check them out. I have so much respect for her, who she is and what she stands for.

On Friday we were band host for Krokus and they were so kick ass cool!
Their drum tech was dressed as an inmate so one of the band members thought it was a good idea for me to take that guy, handcuffed and bring him on stage after their set and then take a band pic with the audience! So I did that! That was sooooo amazing to do! #Proud That was probably the highlight of my weekend!
This year we had a night team so we slept more than last year ahha phew! Eight hours of sleep was a nice change for the 3-4 we had the previous edition hehe.
I love hosting this event. The audience is the best! Sooooo enthusiastic and energetic. You got to love that!! 

With Krokus on stage

Ow wait, I might have two highlights
Seeing KoRn side stage! My colleagues Miesbet and Gilles were KoRn's hosts and they were talking to a crew guy about seeing the show and I was standing with them and the crew guy said to me 'You can come on stage too'. Woohoo, so I did! Amazing! Teenage memories..... I used to LOVE KoRn!!! Now I admit I don't know any of the newer stuff! I love old school KoRn! Yeah! I only saw 15 min as I had to work for Paradise Lost but those 15 min were A OK!
During the set Fieldy went to the back of the stage and then came back and while walking he stared at me the whole time haha! This was rad, David saw it too and he was like 'what, that was crazy' hahah!
Yeah, yeah as a teen I wanted to meet them and I never did! So I guess this made it up! I saw them backstage, nice guys! I didn’t talk to them but just said `hey’ when passing by! I usually don't feel the need to meet my (old) heroes! Just seeing them is already magic ahha!

I always loved Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Linkin Park & KoRn and now I’ve seen 3! Only Linkin Park I never had the pleasure to see live, `Hybrid Theory’ is my favourite album... In the End my all time favourite song! The lyrics give me goose bumps! I was shocked by the news of Chester's death. I couldn’t believe it, but thinking back on his lyrics, reading about his youth torments, his addictions, I could understand. He has been through so much. And I get mad when people say he is selfish for leaving his family behind. Those people don't realize what a struggle thoughts, depressions, feelings can be! Me, as a very sensitive person, can totally relate. I have been through bad dark times! It is real! It is a disease, just like cancer! But cancer is physically and noticeable for all, depression is emotionally and can be hidden easily. That’s the only difference! Don't judge... try to relate, see it from another point of view!
On Saturday I heard that my friend Jurgen [Callens] took his life as well. So many deaths I have to deal with in a short period of time. Life is so short; we all have to enjoy it while we can! Try to focus on our life and stop judging, talking shit about others! It is a waste of time and useless!!

Make your life better, make yourself a better person, it starts within, change the world.

XXX Femke
Header photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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