Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt47

19 March 2017 by Femke Fatale

Damnnn what a week! Feels good to be so busy!! After my week with Monster Energy promoting the new MixxdPunch flavour I was dead all Saturday! Haha, I watched TV, took loads of catnaps and euh that's it!! Hahaha I was ready for new adventures!

I have learnt how to spit fire with Kelly, the best entertainer/dancer/fire artist in Belgium! What an awesome and talented lady! So happy to be working with her! Stay tuned for future projects, yeah soo very stoked!
It is crazy to learn! It’s scary but so cool!! I didn’t go too crazy haha but I will when I’m experienced and more confident hahaha better be sure of that!!

I also starred in the official trailer for Belgian's new and finest tattoo convention Ink Mania, in Hasselt in June! It is going to be well wicked! The concept is kick as! Can't wait to see the result and the convention... yeah boys & girls... U better all go!! Loads of talented tattoo artists, live bands and shows. I will having my first bike shows there with Wortel! :) Yeah! Come and check out these crazy stunts! And of course performing with Circus of Madness; piercing-fire-pole dancing extravaganza! Be ready to be blown away and besides all that I’ll host it too! Hahah crazy weekend! Don't miss out!

I also went to Freddyfiles 2017, a Volkswagen event in Ninove, Belgium with my buddy Robby! He is the official dealer of Moon Eyes! Yeahhh so proud of him!! Don't know Moon Eyes? Google it!! Be impressed :) but I can bet that every car geek will know who/what it is! Hehhe right?! I had a fabulous day! Felt like summer! So sunny and warm! Loads of awesome cars! Damn I didn’t know VW had so many different and beautiful old times cars!! And soooo many people there! Saw some old friends, met some new ones! Always a rad time at the car scene! People are so friendly & funny.

And I also did an interview with Cris and Roza from Sake Tattoo Crew, the biggest and coolest shop in Europe, can I say this?! I filmed for La Machine Infernale! My family! My friends! Also a very awesome shop!! In France, not far from the Belgian border! Feels so good to be working with this bunch of talented crazy people. I feel so honoured and happy with my life. I feel blessed.

Work hard; make your dreams come true!! U can do it TOO! Believe in yourself, even sometimes it can be very hard! But never give up hope!

XXX Femke