Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt51

16 April 2017 by Femke Fatale

After an amazing weekend in Scotland I was ready for a little rest! Nap time! Netflix & snacks! But those snacks implied gym time as well! As I can never snack a little, always a lot! All or nothing here haha! So needed damage control LOL! Oh well! Bet some of you are also like this! Was awesome seeing my 3 lovely cats again! Bonnie was so happy I was home, she didn’t want to leave my lap! She slept like a princess! My baby. :)

Is it weird I don’t really remember what I did that week? I do know I went to Durbuy Rock Fest with Sea Shepherd! We had a merch booth there! Was so much fun meeting Laurent and Anne, the tabling coordinators of Wallonia!! The weather was amazing!! Wouter was there as well! Always fun! The bands were awesome!! Arch Enemy again and the Evil Invader guys again! Feels like Scotland again ahhaa and the organizer Caitlin was there too! So it really was like Heavy Scotland all over hahaLacuna Coil was playing too! Was good to catch a little up with Andrea! Cool dude! Durbuy is quite far so I was lucky to have Maartje as my co pilot! Picked her up in Antwerpen! What a sweetie! She is 18 but such a sweet girl! Was weird, it was like meeting my mini me... the young Femke. Everything she told me about herself, the way she acts, thinks, so me!! This is too crazy!!! We were meant to meet I guess! I can’t wait to see her again at Groezrock! She is studying to become a light & sound engineer! Wish her all the best and good luck! I believe in her!! I was there at the fest on Friday and on Saturday and I left around 14.30 to go to Zaandam, near Amsterdam!

Recognize me?

I had work there at Wasteland Party! One of the biggest European Fetish Parties! I had a fashion show/shoot and a show with Circus of Madness there! So exciting! I was a fetish virgin! To be honest never been fetish haha. I’m too.. ahh normal?!;) Don’t know?! It was amazing! Everyone wears what they want, don’t care, are very acceptive/supportive towards/about others! Wow what a fun world! I had a good time thanks to Alex Perez fetish photographer & crazy Spanish dude!! Thanks babe, you were rad!!!! He supported me through thick and thin!! He showed me around in that world, introduced me to people, ... sweeet!!!! I arrived at 19.00 ... my babe Alex was already there waiting for me. Super sweet!!! I  had a fashion show rehearsal.. funnn! And then shoot! Even more fun!

My fashion show was at 1.00 and the piercing show at 2.15 ... I survived!! Was amazing! At the fashion show I wore a crazy ass corset and mask! Didn’t see much so I had a hot guy guide me halfway on the catwalk haha! Always a plus! Yeash! It was sooo cool! On heels, bad sight, awesome outfit... on Wastland! Never thought I would work there! As I’m not in the scene, not fetish! I want to thank Brigitte too for booking me! Supporting me! OMG I love u babe! Met her at the Playboy shoot! She was the stylist!! I love herrrr!!! Too bad she was on holiday and couldn’t make it to the party! Would have liked to hug the shit out of her :) Then time for the show with Circus of Madness! Piercings in my back.. fire... crazy piercer Bart, pole dance extraordinaire Miriam and fire girls Guen and her friend (oops forgot the name.. sorry). We kicked ass!! The audience was so nice and send me blow kisses & hearts ! Awww Felt amazing; I love that scene. They know how to make you feel loved :) After the show Alex hugged me and my blood was on his arm.... shaped as a heart!!! No shit! This is a sign right?!?!?! We’re meant to be partners in funtimessss!

Then time to go home... I drove so long already from Durbuy to Zaandam (4.30) and now again 3.30 hours! I was soooo tired, had to take a powernap in Kruibeke, felt like I missed some seconds.. not good.. not good at all. You know the feeling right?!? So tired, falling asleep & no gas station in sight! Aaahhh. Made it home at 7 ish! And then slept and woke up to see my brother's girlfriend! She stayed at ours for the first time on Saterday eve and I wanted to see her because they left super early! Then I went to France for work and after I met up with Tim and Simon for ice cream food and movie :) `Beauty And The Beast’!! Awesome day! Damn I love Tim & Simon! Cuties! Some of my very best friends. BIG LOVE! We have some mad Cher love between us!! If I could turn back time.... Tim and my song! Ahhaha yeahh.

Now chill time and then Monster Energy again, shoot for Moon Eyes and back to La Machine Infernale!

Ain't life grand?!?!

XXX Femke
Header photo by Peter Dircken