Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt54

14 May 2017 by Femke Fatale

Having a busy life full of adventure and travelling can be hard as well! I have been soooo tired lately! On my days off I have been sleeping non-stop, naps with Bonnie, haha all day long! Crazy! Just made an appointment with the doctor for a blood test! I want to know if there is a special reason for it! I have also always had a perfect skin, no zits etc. and now... pimples fun all over! I f**ing hate it! So made an appointment with a dermatologist! I also want to know why my skin is struggling! Maybe I use too much make-up on my working days? Maybe I eat badly? Mmm I always do but I have always done that! This isn’t new to me! I have a sugar addiction so... and never had problems with the skin! Let's find out! I want to feel and look 'fabulous' again ahha ;)

(Original picture by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau)

Last weekend I was hosting the Arel Tattoo Show, my first time presenting in French! Scaryy! I am very fluent in English and Dutch but French... I love that language, the language of love as they say, but I feel like I can't be myself in French! I want to make jokes or say stuff and it doesn't come out as I want it to! Haha! I got so bummed about it! And so nervous, but I got many good comments from strangers and friends so I guess I did a good job but still.. I wasn't happy! I feel like I could have done better :)

But I am happy I did it, it’s the first of many hosting jobs in French! I will get better and better and more comfortable speaking French soon, at least I hope. JP and his crew were amazing to me!! Felt at home, like usual! I feel blessed to always work with fantastic, talented and nice people! The level of tattooing was sooo high there! So happy I wasn't a judge in the contest hehe, seemed super hard as there were so many damn good entries! I want to thank JP and his crew, my judges (Jack Ribeiro, Julien Thibers, Philippe Dynamo, Manu Durand and Laurent Viatour... you guys were awesome!!! Laurent made the pictures for the Tattoo Contests. So rad! Check out his company Old Custom Records!!) and my sidekick Jacob aka Jay Raw, my soul mate and partner in crime! He always has my back! As usual! I wrote about him last blog entry as well but I mean it, every person should have a friend like him! He bought me an awesome Misfits dress from Tattoo Crossover, my favourite booth on conventions!!! My butt looked, apparently, good in it ahhaha (Thank you cardio and squats)! But I got golden advice from Jay Raw,Mink and Julien... no underwear... wear a thong... then you don't have the lines of the underwear haha true! So ... I’ll listen and wear my Action strings haha! I love that shop' best underwear and socks ;)
I also saw great live bands during the Arel Tattoo Show! So I recommend you to listen to Endless Dive and Sourblast!! Kickass bands, sweet guys!!!! Do it! Check them out!!!!

Now I am at the gym again, doing cardio while typing this on my IPhone!!! Ahhaha I am a real woman... multi tasking for life :) yes!!

See u next week for more Fatale adventures!

Have a good weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn’t do :) Deal?!:)

XXX Femke
Header photo by Rick McPie