A good conversation

by Johanne James

Hello. Me again.

The topic today is a good conversation.

What defines a good conversation? The topic or the people having it? Things never to discuss at parties; sex, politics and religion! Then what else is there, I hear you ask? There’s football or sport in general, or food or? Women, or men if you’re a woman, and vice versa, clothes, shoes; you can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? The list is endless. Send in your favourite subjects and suggestions on a post card please? LOL

If you have a wide range of knowledge then the world is your oyster and you can discuss anything to a degree. And if you don’t, then you may learn something from those who do. Me? I like to listen, as you don’t learn by talking. Knowledge, what is knowledge other than an accumulation of facts to be regurgitated at any given time to impress those who know not as much as he or she who is regurgitating it? Hmm, I didn’t quite get that either, but let’s move on. Whatever floats your boat is what you talk about, as long as your boat isn’t the Titanic or the Lucitania, and whoever you’re having a conversation with can be so diverse and open. There is so much out there to learn and to discuss, to absorb, but we must also be wise to what we learn and know. It is pointless having all this knowledge and no wisdom. Now there’s another topic for a future column. Isn’t it funny how the topic can move from one subject to another only to end up back where you started, from A to Z back to A, and then you ask yourself, how did we get here, or there as the case may be? Ever had a conversation that makes you feel so uncomfortable that all you want to do is leave the room? Or the one thing you don’t want to talk about is the one subject everyone else wants to? We have all been there, and all we can say at the end is, phew, I’m glad that’s over.

What defines a good conversation, I guess is whom you’re having it with, it’s the company and not the subject, and if people are interesting, and people always are, then the world is your oyster, if you like shellfish of course. Now there’s another topic for a future column. Shellfish?

Peace my friends.


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