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By johanne James

Hi there my good readers and hope you are all seeing the winter months through to the next coming season, whatever that may be. Due to climate change and all, we don’t really know what to expect, do we, for England is the only country I know with four seasons in an hour.

But today I want say a special thank you to all of you Threshold and Kyrbgrinder fans out there.
Yes, you know who you are, those who have all the albums, have been to so many gigs that many of you have seen us more than we have seen ourselves, and that takes some doing, I might add!
Still, without you this activity we have taken up would never have lasted thirty years, for I have been in Threshold for the past twenty one, and my how the time flies, and keeps flying! It has been a blast and I hope the best is still yet to come, for I do believe we have reached a new audience, or is it just getting bigger? I see new faces all the time, I see faces that I recognize and with some have become friends, and I have had so many photos taken that MI5, the CIA and Interpol have expressed an interest in my activities. Hence I have assisted them in their enquiries so often that they have decided to give me a key to the cells in the basement. Anyway, we would never have had so much fun had it not been for those loyal fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin. Mainly thick, I must add. We hope that you will continue to support us along the rocky road to fame and fortune. Sorry, did I say fame and fortune? I must have been talking about Guns & Roses.

The most special shout and thanks must go to the Vegan Drummer Rescue Service for all the help they have given me along the way, and have travelled so many miles that they would more than likely have reached the outer regions of our solar system by now. Please say hi to Pluto for me. Then there is a wonderful lady by the name of Christine, who we met in Montreal on our trip to Canada. She had travelled from Detroit to Montreal, we then saw her in Gettysburg USA, then we saw her again in Essen, Germany only to see her again in London on the last show of our most recent European tour. Now these are super fans and deserve a free pass to any future Threshold or Kyrbgrinder shows. You are our guests!

Thank you all! You are very special and will continue to be so. As long as we can grace the stage and enthral you with our music, we will honour to serve.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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