Waste Of Time


By Johanne James


Have you ever done anything or been anywhere and some time later have asked yourself, well there’s a day I won’t get back this side of this century?
I used to say that every time I went to school, but that’s another story for another column, but in the meantime, think of what you may have done in the past day, week, month or whenever and said, der, why did I do that? I could have stayed at home and watch the cricket!
Anyway, to all of you who have a story to tell on how your time was wasted I would love to hear it. The reason being is that it is unique to our experience as to how it was done. But think, time is never wasted depending on how you see it, but I could get all spiritual on you to which you would then think, what’s he going on about and this is a waste of time. Why am I reading this? LOL.

Meanwhile here’s a story.
I/we travelled to a gig, to which the venue shall remain nameless, and way beyond the distance we needed to and upon arrival we were told the gig was cancelled, but no one had the decency to inform us of this prior to us making our pointless journey. Trust me, it was a day out of our lives that we shall not see again and money to boot! I’m sure many of you out there have a similar tale to tell, which means I don’t feel so alone and I share your disappointment, anger and frustration! Grrrr!

Have you ever stayed in bed all day and felt bad?
Or watched a movie or worse, gone to the cinema, paid an extortionate amount of money and then fallen asleep during the main feature? Yes? Then please go to the door on the left. I always ask myself after the experience, what did I actually learn from this experience? I usually come up with the same answer, which is: nothing! More time wasted! How many of us spend hours within our imagination contemplating whatever and never come to any conclusion, but then how many of us have come to realise that daydreaming has led to some of the greatest inventions. Anyway, how one choses to waste their time is entirely up to them whether it was intentional or not, and one should not feel guilty. Our time is our own to do with as we wish and if you believe that it was wasted ask yourself, what else would you have been doing? Nothing? Well there you go!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James




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