Access All Areas

By Johanne James

Hi there, Johanne James here again.

I would like to talk about AAA: Access All Areas.

You know that little pass that enables you to go anywhere from back and beyond? It gives you the privilege to go anywhere at any time you choose and not get hassled by some burly hammer fisted security guard who growls: ,,you are not allowed back here mate!’’ AAA passes come in various shapes, usually rectangular that is, wonderful designs and other stuff that may go on those things you wear around your Gregory Peck (Neck that is).

What does it actually mean, AAA? You can use the executive toilet? Hmm. A clean dressing room with showers, towels that don’t smell of mould, access to half decent catering (yummy) and free beer, or other alcoholic beverages; now we are talking! You can also see the bands from a view that others don’t. See how the machine works from that particular area and it will give you an insight as to what truly makes a show run smoothly. Just don’t get in the way! It is somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle, somewhere to relax and unwind before the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the show. Phew! Some backstage areas are something not to be desired. Aghhh, they are awful, and I’m sure there isn’t a musician who couldn’t tell you of some horror story or another. I suppose you must have a balance of good and bad and worse, worse and downright abysmal! Let me tell you, I have seen some that if Jesus were to return to earth, he would surely not save us from the sins of backstage. God help us. But the further up the ladder you go, the better things get, just ask Sting? Okay, maybe not. This is what we do and it makes for some great stories to tell, it just don’t feel great at the time as you have travelled hundreds of miles, spent many hours on a bus and you are totally exhausted. 

Good luck and peace my friends!


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