By Johanne James

Hello there, my friends.
Let us discuss Ambition.
You know, that desire that may burn within you to achieve whatever you have set your mind on? Can you even remember what it was or have you already passed that stage and go on to the next big thing? In Buddah’s Little Handbook I once read that “When desire ends, there is peace”. Quite true indeed, for you may want for nothing. There is a tranquillity in not chasing the so-called rainbow, but does that mean you once again, as mentioned in a previous column, drift through life with no aim or goal in sight? To be at peace with one’s own thoughts is an achievement in itself, for I have always had some goal set in mind. They haven’t all come to pass, but I keep trying for he who dares wins! Wins what? If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again! Doesn’t one get tired of trying? That would depend on the individual, would it not? Ambition can have an ugly side to it also, as one may do whatever it takes to reach their final destination and not care as to whom they may trample on, on their way up the metaphorical ladder. Not to mention their inevitable descent, for one should be kind to those on the way up as you may well meet them on the way down. What is there to do when one’s goals have been achieved, for the journey as you know can sometimes be far more exciting than the arrival. I suppose you can say to yourself, been there done that and now I’m going to spend the rest of my time wearing silly coloured trousers, swinging a stick around with a funny bit at the end and walk for miles. Some call it golf. Winston Churchill described it as “The perfect way to spoil a good walk”. But whatever it is you have your mind set on, I hope that all of you who may or may not read this column reach those dizzy heights of success and never forget how you got there, for as I have said, the journey may well be far more exciting than the arrival, and getting what you want and not getting what you want can both bring disappointment.
We all need to set ourselves some goals in our brief existence and perhaps leave a path for others to follow. 

Thanks for listening, peace.
Johanne James


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