By Johanne James

Good day to you my dear reader and how are you? I do hope you’ve had good week?

Anyway today’s topic is: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
If only that were true, there’d be no need for doctors, hospitals or anything of a medical nature! Let’s see how an apple does against this Covid madness? I have no idea where this saying came from, but they all originate from somewhere, don’t they? Besides eating an apple these days means you’ll more than likely end up being poisoned by the numerous pesticides they spray on them! And why would you want to eat apples all year round, I thought fruit was meant to be seasonal? You’re likely to end up visiting the doctor’s surgery after eating an apple now! Fruit and veg is frozen throughout the year to be put on stalls and shelves for our consumption, hence they lose all their flavour, so you’re better off growing your own fruit and veg in this day and age, at least you’ll know the only pesticide it’ll receive is polluted rain water! (Lol)

I now have an allergic reaction to apples
bought from my local supermarket and can only consume those grown in my garden as the roof of my mouth itches and my tongue swells up a little, and do they not look better than they taste? Shame we don’t have the climate then we can grow fruit and veg all year round. (Lol)
So does an apple a day keep the doctor away? You must be kidding! I’d rather take my chances with Covid-19.

Thanks for listening.

Stay healthy.

Johanne James

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