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By Johanne James


Hi there. Have you ever had an off day?
You know, one of those that you wish you could live over and perhaps get it right or wish that it didn’t happen at all? Did you ever see the film Groundhog Day? The poor man just kept living the same day over and over until he got it right. A classic case of Deja Vu. Why not just stay in bed? Why not just not wake up until the whole episode is over? Unfortunately we do not have the gift of seeing into the future. Well I don’t, for if I did, would life be worth living without those little mishaps, those surprises? Where would the fun be in knowing all that is to come, even the off days. I’m sure those of you of my generation know of the song by Gerry Rafferty “If you get it wrong, you get it right next time”. What constitutes an off day? A wrong turn, a wrong decision, for without these (off days), would we appreciate the good ones? I’ll let you decide.

I’ve had too many off days to mention.
If I’m driving badly and others are tooting their horns telling me to get off the road, then I just want to get off the road and not cause anyone any more stress with my bad driving! There have been days when I can’t even hold a pair of sticks to save my bacon, and even though I’m a vegan, bacon is on the menu! I feel like a total beginner and at a loss as though all I have learned over the years has amounted to nothing! We all have a story to tell about an off day, but what we must remember is that no state is permanent, not even a bad one and that off day you had today will be nothing more than a memory when tomorrow comes.

Thank you for listening and have a good day.

Johanne James





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