By Johanne James

Hello again!

Let’s talk about BANDMATES.

You know, those guys you end up on stage with night after night. I am very lucky to be in a band where we are not in each other’s pockets. And sometimes we may not see each other for months and when we meet again, it’s as though we only met the day before. I am of course talking of Threshold. It’s a very relaxed environment to be in as we are now all too old to be playing the rock star, the big I am, I think? We have a lot of fun on and off stage, traveling on the bus swapping various anecdotes and basically having a good time.
We have all been very lucky to be in this moment and it is just a moment to be enjoyed before it’s all gone. When you have something as precious as this, one must treat it with the utmost respect and care. Best not treat it with disdain, as you will only recognise its true value when it’s gone. There have been various changes in the line up, but I must say that this one has been the most stable and the most fun. At the end of it all what else is there other than how much you enjoy of what it is you are doing, and of course whom you are doing it with, for you may have a wonderful chemistry on stage and hate each other off stage, and how many times have we heard that particular story?
I am sure that all of this is sounding quite familiar to you and therefore I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before or experienced yourselves. So in closing let me say, have fun guys and see you next time!

Peace my friends!


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