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When I came up with the idea of Royal Music Research about 8 years ago, my main focus was to be the main researcher for music and artists to be placed in movies, commercials. Or simply to create customized playlists for events or locations. Back then I registered the website domain but never put any efforts to make the final step to release anything.


In the last two years I tried to gather on paper what I am capable of providing as a service due to my experience as a musician, presenter, journalist and music enthusiast.
Now in 2021, I finally made the big step to release the content on my brand new website. My focus is to consult, guide, coach and simply support anyone with my knowledge and my experience in music for over 20 years. And offer my outside view and my network to the public.

I’m looking forward to new challenges and it would be excited to be able to help and support wherever I can. No matter if you are a pro or just started, together we will find a solution for anyone.
Feel free to visit my website HERE for more information regarding my services.



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