By Johanne James

Good day to you all! 

CAMPING. Have any of you done it? I suspect you have and hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have? Though now I must say, I do prefer my creature comforts like, a shower, a nice warm bed in a hotel room, and not have assemble a tent in total darkness, freezing cold and soaking wet! Yeah, you get my drift. Been to any festivals lately where you have to pitch your canvas some two miles from the main stage, on some lumpy hard ground? Ouch. But there you are among a myriad of others doing exactly the same. It’s a great sense of freedom for me, and though I may contradict myself in saying that I do like my creature comforts, it’s fun. Doing it in a camper van is even better as you only have to jump into a ready made bed. No sleeping bags to unravel and a clean toilet at hand. No having to scramble out of your tent in the middle of the night to relieve your over inflated bladder from too much of the amber nectar, again! Only to fumble your way back in knocking over whatever cans and bottles you may have clanking and chinking inside your tent. It’s a shame you can’t do it all year round as summer fades into autumn one will have to put aside one’s camping gear and don rather warmer clothing ready for the winter months that are waiting their turn as the seasons change. But worry not, as it seems the years are passing quicker than they normally would and you’ll get another chance to relive the experience sooner that you can say, “Where did the time go”?

Anyway, go and enjoy for as I have once said, we are here for a good time, not a long time.

Peace my happy campers.


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