By Johanne James

Hello all and hope you are well?

Let’s talk about cars.
I think most of you reading this will have driven one. They can be the most frustrating items on the planet, can they not? Luckily I now have one that is truly reliable and French. Oh dear. They break down at the most inconvenient times and can cost a fortune to repair. Therefore, unless you have a good recovery service available to you, you are in deep, well you know the rest. What do I drive, I hear you ask? Well, let’s just say it’s named after a rather famous painter. Yep, that’s it. Now, I must say if you don’t have one and contribute your own personal carbon footprint you’re stuck, for in spite of their contribution to greenhouse gasses, they are freedom. Just think at 4am and you see all those unfortunates waiting at the bus stop for the next night transportation carrying the most undesirables money can buy! I am being a little unkind, but it means you are not at the mercy of a system that can be more akin to transporting cattle than people.

Anyway, my nephew ran a luxury car hire service.
And was kind enough to let me drive his Porsche 911 Sport Targa and Ferrari 458 convertible. Let me tell you this, I had a grin that ran from ear to ear for at least a week. The acceleration was nothing less than frightening and I could easily have lost my license! Basically they all serve the same purpose, that is to take you from one location to another, either in style and comfort or very quickly. That is providing you’re not caught in London traffic, in which case at a lingering 5MPH. Bah! How much money are you willing to part with for one of these things? I couldn’t afford anything luxurious, as I need something practical, something to carry my drums around in, something economical and easy to maintain, as anything else is useless. It is for me a necessity, for what would I do without my Betsy? They all seem to have names and be members of the opposite sex, do they not? How come? Anyway, they come in many shapes, sizes, colours, values and a host of other descriptions I care not to mention and needless to say, prices. My brother has a beautiful Willys Coupe. It’s a prototype, a one off and has won many classic car shows. It’s a head turner and was valued at a wopping £, I won’t tell other than it’s an enormous amount of money!!

What does anyone want from their vehicle?
Reliability, economy and comfort. Yes I should imagine so, as they are unfortunately built to a price and have a limited life span. A built in fail safe so you can be guaranteed it will die at about 250,000 miles if you’re lucky to have it that long. I mean, what’s the point of having a car that lasts forever and never breaks down? Where would the service industry go? Who cares, we all want value for money and good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good, buy cheap and buy twice and to those of you who can afford such luxury, I commend you, and those who can’t, I condemn you! Lol

Thanks for listening.

See you at the traffic lights!

Johanne James



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