by Johanne James

Hey there people! Today’s topic is Chocolate.

I must say that it has addictive qualities as we start to quiver and quake if we don’t get that sugar hit ASAP! It comes in all different shapes, sizes, shades, colors, flavors and wrappings. Too much and you’ll be visiting the dentist more than you’d like to, as if you don’t know this already, and then have to make frequent trips to the gym to try and loose that excess baggage. It’s sweet to the lips and pounds on the hips, or kilo’s if you’re in the European union. I myself eat very little of it, now and again I’ll have just a bit. The science say’s two of the worst combinations of foods for the human body are milk and sugar. Chocolate as you know is made of these two deadly ingredients. Am I going to get myself into trouble here by saying that you shouldn’t eat it? You can tell a man or woman anything, but don’t tell him or her what to eat! You’ll find yourself with a host of enemies you didn’t know you had, and one can always be judged by the strength of their enemies, but I digress. Enemies? Now there’s a subject for a future column. Watch this space?
Anyway as I was saying, when you consider the process chocolate goes through for it to end up on the checkout at your local super market, it’s hard to resist, and one can resist anything but temptation. Go on, you know you want to. Have you ever tried raw cocoa beans? I highly recommend it as they have so many healing properties and they also give you a feeling of being light headed. Plus, they are not covered in milk and sugar. I must say they are an acquired taste that many of you will not acquire. I do believe I’ve said that before somewhere? In closing for those of you who love it, enjoy, and for those of you who don’t, go and enjoy something else, and for me, well, it’s not about me, is it.

Peace my friends!


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