by Johanne James



Don’t get me started! The one excuse in the year to go and snog that woman in sales you’ve always fancied but never had the gumption to do so, under the mistletoe of course. Wimp! Let’s go and get drunk, it’s Christmas. Like you need a reason? Rant over.
Anyway, once again here is another festival I don’t celebrate. Oh come on I hear you say, don’t you celebrate anything? Yes I do, life itself (Cliché). Another pagan festival and another reason to spend your money and be among all those other bodies fighting over whom is going to get the last whatever in the bid to get the shopping in before it’s too late. I hate crowds, especially at Christmas therefore I don’t do it and besides that, the spirit has been lost and once again, it’s a commercial enterprise. Apparently Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th of December but sometime in October, but let us not get bogged down with minor details eh. The one time of the year when families can get together and fill their faces with copious amounts of Turkey, mince pies and an assortment of other goodies of which there are too many to mention. We use this time of year as an excuse to overindulge ourselves and pay for it later on. There is no such thing as restraint when it comes to celebrations and if there is, it’s boring. Who needs it? I wish I could hibernate and awake sometime March and miss all the hustle and bustle. The one thing I do enjoy is catching up with old friends whom I will see once in a blue moon. Once upon a time if you ventured out your front door you would find very limited or no services available, but now there is no difference between Christmas day to any other day of the week. Everything is open and nothing is sacred. The one thing we should remember is why we actually celebrate this event. It is a wonderful thing to give and receive, so we should always remember that, and in fact, we shouldn’t have to wait until Christmas to be giving to our fellow men, should we?

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Peace my friends.



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