By Johanne James


Today let’s talk about CROWDFUNDING.

My experience of it has been a negative one sorry to say. I don’t trust that I would be able to deliver if something is paid for in advance. My thoughts are now, if I don’t have the funds I shall do without!! It may work for some and I admire those who’ll take the chance, as raising funds is so hard these days we now have to resort to such methods just to keep our art alive.
Record companies are reluctant to spend the money they used to and because the industry has changed so much due to the internet, they now expect musicians to do most of the work themselves which is fine as it gives us a lot more control over what we do. But it seems it’s less about music and more about money. Am I wrong, then please may someone enlighten me?
I’m not keen on the idea but I wouldn’t rule it out as there are many success stories so please don’t take this as gospel and not attempt it yourselves. There may be a benevolent person out there who is willing to go that extra mile for someone or something he or she may believe in and I hope these people still exist? It is so easy to get into debt by perhaps taking out a loan on the premise that whatever you may be doing will generate the interest that you are able to pay the money back. If fans are willing to help finance a band’s career then I think it is a wonderful gesture that they have the belief that their favourite artist will come good on their promise and not end up on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas. Lol

I wish you all the best of luck, those who embark upon this method to finance their future albums.

Thanks for listening and peace my friends.


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