By Johanne James

Hello there, me again!

Let’s talk about the DAILY ROUTINE.
Now being what we are and doing what we do, life on the road can be quite hectic and unpredictable. Once the applause has died down, the amps, guitars, drums and other bits have been put away, when the wheels of the bus have finally come to a halt, you have arrived home to something called normality, I hope. It’s then we realise that we have to function as human beings do. Wash your clothes, do the shopping, pay the bills, you know stuff like that. Maybe some of us: you work, therefore you have to get up in the morning and make sure you’ve had your coffee and toast or what ever you may have to start your day and start your day doing whatever it is you do, yuk! Unless of course you enjoy being stuck in an office, which is where most of us will end up, or the alternative may be something else, please tell me? I’m stuck in a classroom full of kids some days and let me tell you, it ain’t easy, and for those of you who have children, you have my sympathy! Lol. But having a daily routine is very important as I think it keeps us grounded and our egos in check, but for those of us who are lucky enough to earn a decent living from music are very privileged indeed. As I mentioned earlier many of us have to supplement our income by other means.
What is it that one does when touring to keep one’s sanity on those long bus rides from one venue to another? I personally will take books and DVD’s, wonderful. I can spend many hours in my own little world reading or watching whatever. What responsibilities does one have whilst touring? Eat, sleep, play and shower, but not necessarily in that order. Oh sorry, I forgot, unload and load up the trailer! There is order, as you will always have an itinerary letting you know of what the day will consist of.
So in closing, whatever you do and however you may do it, life can be simple when it’s boring, routine can be a pleasure from the hustle and bustle and being predictable isn’t so bad, as you will always know where you are.
Unless of course you live life on the edge??

Thanks for listening.


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