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By Johanne James

Hi there and how are you all?

Dare to dream, I’m not sure where to start.
Do you have dreams that you wish would come true or the other type, you know the ones you have whilst being in that state of unconsciousness? I myself would daydream for hours only to have my father clip me round the ear and bellow, “Stop dreaming boy and get on with your work!”. I had dreams of being the best drummer in the world, or playing for Queens Park Rangers, both seem a little unrealistic at this moment in time. Anyway, do we all have something to strive for and what happens if they don’t come into fruition? Do you then have a plan B or let it be? I once read that when desire ends you find peace, therefore I can only suppose that when you hanker for nothing you may well find contentment.

Do dreams keep us going?
The basis of any expectation is to dream, is it not? Nightmares are at the other end of the spectrum, but we don’t often take them into consideration unless they happen to block the path we have chosen. How bland life would be without anything to look forward to. You know the saying, “I dream of the day those kids leave home and I finally get the bathroom to myself”? I dream of winning the lottery and buying that car I have always wanted. I try to keep my own dreams in perspective for in the past unrealistic expectations have led to much frustration, disappointment, anger and stress! Life is far too short and precious, so may our dreams stay alive for if you reach for the stars, I’m sure you’ll hit the sky, but I’m so short I can barely reach the ceiling, so the ground is my only goal.

I wish you well.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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